Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The waiting is the hardest part...

Isn't that part of a song?  I am still waiting for the biopsy results.  My left breast is swollen and a sickly yellow color from the bruising.  I went to my regular Dr. yesterday and she said there is no infection and some swelling is normal from the abuse it took.  She seemed very sad when I told her that I have breast cancer.  She knew something was wrong and I don't think she is happy that it took this long to get a diagnosis.  Of course I still don't have an "Official" diagnosis.  I just feel like I'm in limbo.  Wanting to get this on with.  It has been nearly a month since I saw the specialist for the first time.  Another month down the drain.  I am not going into details yet, but I have contacted an attorney.  What worries me about that is if I do win, I will probably loose my health insurance.  Rich said not to worry because we can pay for it but health insurance is expensive if you pay privately.  Maybe I can work something into the settlement if there is one that they have to pay our health insurance...  worth trying I suppose!

The huge winter storm is on its way here.  They are expecting up to 24 inches here.  We have plenty of food, just hoping the electricity does not go out.   Here is a picture of a Junco, a Chickadee and a really weird looking bird, a red headed snow shoveler!


  1. That last photo is funny. Prayers for you!

  2. Sending more prayers and good thoughts your way.

  3. I will be praying for you. I have come through it so far, into my fourth year now since surgery so hang on in there still they should not keep you waiting so long. I was diagnosed and had surgery within a week. I have a good feeling about you though so stay strong.


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