Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fall is coming

Once again, fall is upon us.  The leaves are slowly turning.  The nights are cold, the crops are nearly done.  Rich and I are going to try hunting this year.  We have our license and tags.  I'm hoping for at least one deer and a couple turkeys to make it worthwhile.  There has been so much crap going on in the trailer park where I live.  Fights, drugs, arson, police, firetrucks.  Damn landlord is right in the middle stirring things up and having a drug addict living with him off and on.
We had a friend here who was arrested last night for drugs and assault.  He had us fooled the whole time he was here, acting like he was a victim.  Kept having these 20 something year old women coming in and out while he supported them and their habits.  Can't trust anyone or be friends with anyone because you never know when you are going to get dragged down in their drama too.  We really need to find another place to live.  Paying $400 a month while other people in this park are thousands of dollars behind in their rent and the landlord doesn't do a damn thing about it.  
Sarah's Grandfather died a few days ago. The funeral is tomorrow. He had been sick for a long time with emphysema.  He smoked and drank a lot.  I feel sorry for Sarah's grandmother.  She spent her entire adult life taking caring of kids and then an sick husband.  She probably has hardly ever done anything for herself except go to Curves.  I'm hoping we can get her out doing some stuff with us now.  
We got another dog.  Probably shouldn't have because we always complain we don't have money to take them to the vet.  This dog is healthy except he has a lot of tartar on his teeth.  I am trying to take care of it at home but I think he really needs a doggy dental cleaning.  
Really not too much more going on.  Staying cancer free for now and starting to think about going back to work.  I tire so easily still however so it would have to be something fairly easy.  Part time too.  Kind of ticks me off that I am the one probably having to go back to work because my husband won't get a job.  Too busy hanging out with the neighbors I guess.  My back is not better at all.  I can't do much without it hurting.  
I sure am whining a lot as usual.  I guess it is ok because I don't blog and whine every day!  :)


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fall is coming!

Fall in upstate NY is not going to be as good as most falls we have due to bad weather.  The late frost we got killed off a lot of blossoms in the apple orchards.  Lack of rain will make the colors change on the trees not as bright.  I'm not sure how the pumpkins did.  Stupid squirrels have been climbing up my sunflower stalks and gnawing at the seed heads and the seeds aren't even ripe yet!  Our tomatoes are done but my neighbor has tons of them.  We need to get over there and pick them for him.  He is the one that got sent to jail over a false accusation.  I need to get some canning jars and can up those tomatoes.  We have cabbage still waiting to be picked.  Maybe I'll make some pickled cabbage if there is such thing!  I don't want to try to deal with making sauerkraut.
I've been so darn tired and lazy feeling lately.  I've gained about 10 lbs and my joints and muscles ache.  I hate it.  Oncologist visit went well yesterday.  I see the radiologist next month.  One year since my cancer treatment.  I hope I make it to the 5 year mark! 

Saturday, September 1, 2012


My summer hasn't been to exciting.  Went to Hampton Beach at the beginning of the month.. that was a nice trip although HB really isn't my style.  Too crowded and touristy.  We went up to Nubble Lighthouse in Maine the last day of our trip and then drove home.  The ride back was miserable getting stuck in traffic jams most of the way. 
My son turned 21 on Friday August 24th.  He had a party at his Dad's and Kate's.  I'm afraid of my son turning into an alcoholic because it seems the only way he can "bond" with his Dad is with alcohol.  His Dad is a very bad alcoholic.  Will probably kill him soon.
My daughter is 13 today.  She is really her own person.  Very independent but so immature too.  Her hair is pink and I let her get her nose pierced yesterday!
I worry about my Mom.  Sometimes she comes out with such mean statements.  She told me the other day that my friends (hence me) make her sick because we support President Obama.  She hates politics and just blindly votes for whomever is running the Republican ticket.
I want to be more informed.  Seems I've always voted Democrat even though I'm registered Republican.  I put in to be switched but I have to wait until after the Presidential election.
Funny, I can't remember who I voted for when Bush Jr was elected, maybe I didn't vote.  I think he ran against Dole didn't he?  I know I didn't vote for him. 
Finances are still getting me down.  Somehow we managed to blow through my whole SS check without paying any bills except half the lot rent.  Rich is supposed to get his student aide money next week.  That kind of stuff really bothers me.  I hate being broke. 
Rich is getting a job soon wiring an entire house being remodeled.  The house is an old Victorian from the 1890's.  He got some nice wood from it that he has been using in the house here for window trim etc.. I love old houses and can't wait to go over and see this one.  If Rich gets known as being a good electrician maybe he can work doing that, he seems to like it.  I'm sure he can get referrals from the guy he is working for now.
You don't have to be certified to be an electrician in NY, you just need it for inspecting.
I am not sure yet what I am going to do.  I might go back to work part time but I am not sure how that will affect my SS.  I think as long as I only work a couple days a week it won't count against it.  I think I can handle doing some light senior care.  The agencies around here don't pay much, so maybe I can find a private duty.  I should start advertising at places seniors go.  I can do shopping, laundry etc.. maybe advertise as a personal assistant.
Fall will be here soon.  I like fall but after the leaves fall off the trees I get sad because I know winter is coming.  I hate being cold.  Of course with all these hot flashed I have, I'll be nice and toasty..  Ha!