Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fall is coming!

Fall in upstate NY is not going to be as good as most falls we have due to bad weather.  The late frost we got killed off a lot of blossoms in the apple orchards.  Lack of rain will make the colors change on the trees not as bright.  I'm not sure how the pumpkins did.  Stupid squirrels have been climbing up my sunflower stalks and gnawing at the seed heads and the seeds aren't even ripe yet!  Our tomatoes are done but my neighbor has tons of them.  We need to get over there and pick them for him.  He is the one that got sent to jail over a false accusation.  I need to get some canning jars and can up those tomatoes.  We have cabbage still waiting to be picked.  Maybe I'll make some pickled cabbage if there is such thing!  I don't want to try to deal with making sauerkraut.
I've been so darn tired and lazy feeling lately.  I've gained about 10 lbs and my joints and muscles ache.  I hate it.  Oncologist visit went well yesterday.  I see the radiologist next month.  One year since my cancer treatment.  I hope I make it to the 5 year mark! 

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