Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Got to ride!

I got to ride a horse today, first time in a couple years at least! It only lasted about 10 minutes as the horse was not cooperating in the least. He is an old quarter horse. Over the age of 30 so it was like trying to get an old man to walk around the block a few times. Stanley wasn't having any of it today. He balked coming out of the pasture, he balked getting saddled, he balked walking down to the riding ring. He balked when I asked him to walk. He did however show enthusiasm when heading back to the gate and toward his owner! Here are a few pictures of Rich and I riding. Rich didn't get any kind of a ride as Stanley was thru after I rode. We are going to start leasing next month. Guess who we get to start on? Yup that is right.. good old Stanley! Guess its good to have a nice gentle, if stubborn, horse to learn on! Just to let other horse people, know I am not sawing on the horses mouth in the picture, he is very stubborn and I was trying to turn him around.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Warning: Venting post

I think I may be suffering from some depression or having a mid life crisis or something. I do take anxiety meds but I switched recently to a generic version of Lexapro and have really not been good. I don't feel anxious, I get very irritable and angry. I am just sick of everything. Sick of my job, sick of the kids, sick of my husband (gasp) sick of the weather, sick of chores, sick of these animals at the house. The list goes on. It is compounded by my inability to stay organized and be able to find things when I need them. I am a chronic "loser" of things. Most of these things are important. Like my Social security card. I lost my new one. Now I have to reapply. I misplace bills, paystubs, all kinds of things. All the time. If I need it I can guarantee I will not be able to find it. Right now I am not only missing my SS card I am missing this black leather zipper portfolio thing I used since the AirForce to hold my important documents. Missing. I swear I saw it in the car trunk not that long ago but husband says its not there. I can't find it in the bedroom. My bedroom by the way looks like something from an episode of Hoarders. I am not joking in any means. I have boxes of stuff covered with piles of clothes. I hate to throw things away. I have good intentions and put them in bags to donate but the bags sit there and then get ripped and then everything is all over the place again. I get so overwhelmed by all this crap that I just walk by it. I have tried getting organized, really I have, but it keeps coming back. I am a lazy person by nature and that is a big part of the problem. I'm not really looking for tips or advice. I am just venting. I feel sorry for my husband to have to live with me like this. He is the type that needs a lot of romance and I have zero interest in that. ZERO! Just the thought of having to have romance makes me feel like crying. After romance I am relieved, mostly because I know I can get away with not having to have romance for a couple more days. He also has to deal with my mood swings. Not pleasant. I am snappy and snarly. Mostly I just want to be left alone. Ok enough whining and moaning... Try to have a nice weekend. Probably just hung a big black cloud over yours.. LOL

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Pioneer Woman cook book contest

A fellow blogger is giving away her copy of PW cooks! Go HERE to enter!