Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Stinky Spring day

Gorjuss Linda

Why a stinky day? It is going to be 90F and Our septic tank is backed up and the landlord is sending someone out to dig it up and pump it. Urrgggggggg! The smell is going to be horrendous!
On the bright side it is definately spring. I got some pansies and broccoli to set. I have a beautiful tag from Donna at D's designs. Not much else going on tho. Will post some sewage pics... LOL!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Please take my poll. Would you let your 9 year old daughter and 11 year old girlfriend neighbor sleep in a tent in the front yard alone? On right...

Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Friday!

I know for many of you, it is the weekend. Not for me. My weekend will be Tuesday and Wed. this week. The weather is finally going to warm up. It is really cold out right now, so that warm front better get a move on.
I put an ad on Craigslist a couple days ago to borrow some garden space for veggies in return for what else.. veggies and someone about 5 minutes away responded with an offer of space for me. So he is supposed to have it plowed up soon and we are going to meet and see what my space allotment will be. The only problem is it is prime deer and rabbit territory up there! It will be fun to try different types of vegetables this year. The kids are going to have to help too. Of course the boys said they aren't going to help. I told them if they plan on eating, they will. Picking up rocks out of the garden once it is tilled and weeding too. It is going to be a family project and hopefully we will have plenty of veggies to either give away or sell. Sarah can have a roadside veggie stand, she will like that! Everyone have a good weekend.. Linda

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy Sunday

This month has been flying by hasn't it? I haven't been doing to much except work and geocache all month so far. A little gardening mixed in. I planted some so called Bleeding Heart. I think its actually the dutchman breeches version. I opened the bag and here is this pathetic clump of roots and dirt. Does anyone think it will grow? I also planted some chives my Dad let me dig up from his place. I got enough to split and plant in two different spots. There is also some other type of plant mixed in that does not look like a weed. Here are a few pics from our latest geocaching excursion. The peeper frogs are out and mating season is in full swing as shown by this photo of one unfortunate female being accosted by 3 males. There were 4 but one fell off!
Doesn't that make you jealous girls? I think if you click on the picture you might get a better look and be able to count all the frogs.
Rich has been driving me nuts with picture taking. He likes to snap random pictures of me and always in an unflattering pose. I'd like to take that camera and shove it up his... anyhow here is an example.
Nice huh? Note the double chin exposure and the fat tummy roll. I could of crouched in the trees and used them as camoflage for a better picture! :)
Anyhow, off to work again... Have a good week everyone! Linda

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Has spring sprung?

I think spring may have arrived. It did so on tippy toes and very slowly but I think it is here. We are expecting 60 deg temps the rest of the week with a run at 70 for Friday! The daffodils are starting to bloom and forsythia and dandelions too. Pretty soon it will be time for tulips and lilacs. My favorite! I love the peonies too.
My new job is going pretty good. We have been very busy but I am picking things up slowly. Scheduling Dr. appts, driving the van and helping on transports, staffing, etc.. The staffing is the hardest part especially when there isn't enough bodies to go around and we have to call and bug people to pick up extra time.
One of the residents families had written a really nice letter to the paper I believe calling us "Halls Angels". We are the angels in the halls. We meaning staff at the nursing home. It was a really nice letter.
There is a couple of nurses at Wesley with a little girl who is very sick. She had an aneurysm that burst and she is in critical condition. She was expected to die but somehow has miraculously survived and is being sent to a specialist in Boston. Please go HERE for more info and support!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I entered a contest put on by our Stewart's stores. That is the most prominent local convenient store around here. Every town has one, some have two or more! Anyhow, they are having a contest called Love is in the air. The prize is a wedding package! You get a catered reception for 25, limo, cake, flowers, music and $100 in gift certificates if you win. The catch is... you have to get married at a Stewart's store! The reception also takes place there.. outdoors. To enter you had to tell them about Why we want to be married at Stewart's, the date and what shop. Part of the contest was telling about how you met at Stewart's. I told them how I met Rich there and we had coffee together on our first encounter.
Wouldn't it be funny if we won?

Monday, April 6, 2009

Washington park

Hello all, I am again being remiss in blogging. Darn Facebook steals my time away with all the silly games and applications. The photo above is of Sadie, Little Buddy and Bob the cat. Sadie has recently gone to the Rainbow Bridge and my Mom is very sad. Little Buddy has recently become a father! Bob is Bob. I worked this weekend. Only two more days to go and I start my new job! Wednesday is my last day at rehab as I have tomorrow off. It was just about unbearable yesterday slogging thru the day. I hope I enjoy doing the staffing portion of my new job. I have to try to remember to make the best of the situation and keep plugging along. I cannot afford to loose my job at this point. Yesterday we stopped and made a quick visit to Washington Park in Albany. The tulips are coming up and soon it will be time for Tulip Fest! This event draws thousands of people. Click on Tulip Fest for more info. Also I saw the magnolia trees are starting to bloom.
This weekend however we are going to Queens to visit Rich's brother for his niece's birthday. She is turning or has turned 4. Not much else for news. Hope everyone has a great week.