Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Has spring sprung?

I think spring may have arrived. It did so on tippy toes and very slowly but I think it is here. We are expecting 60 deg temps the rest of the week with a run at 70 for Friday! The daffodils are starting to bloom and forsythia and dandelions too. Pretty soon it will be time for tulips and lilacs. My favorite! I love the peonies too.
My new job is going pretty good. We have been very busy but I am picking things up slowly. Scheduling Dr. appts, driving the van and helping on transports, staffing, etc.. The staffing is the hardest part especially when there isn't enough bodies to go around and we have to call and bug people to pick up extra time.
One of the residents families had written a really nice letter to the paper I believe calling us "Halls Angels". We are the angels in the halls. We meaning staff at the nursing home. It was a really nice letter.
There is a couple of nurses at Wesley with a little girl who is very sick. She had an aneurysm that burst and she is in critical condition. She was expected to die but somehow has miraculously survived and is being sent to a specialist in Boston. Please go HERE for more info and support!


  1. Flowers have been blooming but the temps have been raw and cold. I want warmth! LOL

  2. I am so sorry about the little girl.
    Beng down south, our daffodils have already come and gone! lol
    Glad you are finally getting a break from the cold

  3. Glad that you are liking the new job. The learning curve always keeps things interesting.

  4. Spring, at last ... congrats! Good luck with the new job. As for the little girl, how sad.


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