Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Friday!

I know for many of you, it is the weekend. Not for me. My weekend will be Tuesday and Wed. this week. The weather is finally going to warm up. It is really cold out right now, so that warm front better get a move on.
I put an ad on Craigslist a couple days ago to borrow some garden space for veggies in return for what else.. veggies and someone about 5 minutes away responded with an offer of space for me. So he is supposed to have it plowed up soon and we are going to meet and see what my space allotment will be. The only problem is it is prime deer and rabbit territory up there! It will be fun to try different types of vegetables this year. The kids are going to have to help too. Of course the boys said they aren't going to help. I told them if they plan on eating, they will. Picking up rocks out of the garden once it is tilled and weeding too. It is going to be a family project and hopefully we will have plenty of veggies to either give away or sell. Sarah can have a roadside veggie stand, she will like that! Everyone have a good weekend.. Linda


  1. It will be great to have fresh produce, but its alot of work for sure. Hope you enjoy your weekend when it gets here. 'On Ya'-ma

  2. Sounds like a great idea swapping Veggies for Planting space ~ Good Luck with the Family Project ~ Ally x

  3. That sounds great, and I hope you have a bountiful harvest! The deer might have something to say about it, though...we had to put up an 8-foot tall fence surrounding our garden if we wanted to keep the deer out of it!

  4. I hope your garden does well and the person that owns the land will be very nice.
    love ya,


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