Wednesday, August 22, 2018


Yesterday I celebrated the beginning of my 52nd year on earth.  I worked and made the mistake of volunteering to work an extra four hours caring for one of my clients, A.  
A has advanced Alzheimer's and is very anxious and forgetful.  She worries about everything, but then forgets what we have told her and the cycle repeats.  Her memory span is mere seconds.  By the end of the night last night, I was in pain and near tears.  I was trying so hard to keep under control and not yell at A after she got out of bed for the 10th time wanting me to pick up her obese cat and put him back on the bed.  I never imagined a 90 year old woman could wear me out.  She has me jumping and fetching constantly.  The only saving grace was the fact that we were up at the lake house with a beautiful view.

I have also started helping out at a "ranch" near Fort Edward.  The owner, Christian, owns several Morgan horses.  One is a stallion who he rides in military reenactments.  I've been up there a few times already and have yet to ride or get any kind of reward for helping except for the privilege of getting to work with these horses.  I don't even think he has said thank you yet.  He strikes me as an elitist.  He is a retired Army officer, so that explains a lot.

He has a show Labor Day weekend, so I will probably go up and help out with that.  Be an assistant.  We will be at the UVMH farm. He got bucked off the other day.  Horse flies were biting.  Anyway, it's almost September!  Travis' birthday is this Friday.

Monday, July 30, 2018

July 2018

I almost missed blogging for this month!  I started a new job with Home Instead and I like it.  No more weekends or overnights if I don't want them!  I have three regular clients that I see and I can pick up extra shifts to fill in the gaps.  I'm aiming for around 20 hours a week.
I went to Rochester last weekend with Sarah to visit my friend, Tim and to attend Roc Pride with him.  It was a fun weekend.  The parade was fantastic.  On the way out, Sarah and I stopped at the Harriet Tubman home and then her grave.  It was amazing to be walking in her footsteps.

Here is a pic of my friend, Tim and I.
On the way back, Sarah and I stopped at the zoo in Syracuse.  It is a nice zoo, but not much has changed except they had animatronic dinosaurs!  
Yesterday, I took a geocaching trip out to Fort Hunter and Schoharie Crossing state park.  They have geocaches which are part of the yearly summer state park challenge.  I only managed to get 2 of them.  I'll have to go back out, now that I know where I have to go to get the others!

I also went out to Stewart's pond with Lindsay and her fam.  I had fun playing with the kids in the water and teaching the boys how to kayak.  This is me and Izzabelle.
It had been a good month.  I have today off, but I really need to get some yard work done before I go out and play!

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Busy little bee!

I have been very busy the last few weeks.  Going out to different events and taking lots of flower pictures.  I met a guy who lived in Schaghticoke, but I'm not holding my breath.  He doesn't really seem to have time for me.  We might go to the ocean next week and he has expressed interest in going with Sarah and I, so who knows.  
On Saturday, I went with the Peer to peer group to Mountain Adventure to go on the obstacle and zip line course.  It was a lot of fun.  I've been taking horsemanship classes as well on Fridays at Knipper Knolls.  Tonight, I went to PJ's BBQUSA for biker night and helped staff the table for Peer to peer.  Got a free chicken dinner!  That is one thing I love about this group, lots of fun free things and food!
I'm considering moving on from Gateway.  It is a great place, but I am having increasing difficulty with the noises.  It is affecting my work and I'm loosing hours.  I can't afford that.
I'm continuing to have mice giving birth!  I am going to have to attempt my first "gas chamber" this week.  I just have to find a suitable container to do it in.  I might just run a tube between two coffee canisters.  Finding a piece of tube is the hard part!

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

May 23, 2018

Today is going to be a beautiful day.  Lots of sunshine.  I have to do some weed-whacking and plant some seeds.  I met a guy.  Taking things slow.  His name is Richard.. haha, what a surprise.  He goes by Rick however.  He grew up on a dairy farm and is really into gardening etc.  We have so much in common it is scary.  He also drives a Buick!  Our coffee date turned into lunch and we spent 3 hours together.  He gives great hugs too.  I'm not going to hold my breath.  He does know about the breast cancer and doesn't seem worried about the fact that I don't have breasts.  God, that sounds awful, but it's the truth.  I can't count how many guys didn't want to date me after they found that out.  
I've been getting out to photograph flowers.  I need to post some pics in my other blog.  Gotta get out to see my Dad soon too.  Rick invited me to a festival in Greenwich on Saturday.  I want to go, but I'm skeptical about the parking situation.  It seems like the park is too small.  

Monday, May 7, 2018

Hooray for spring!

Thank God Spring is finally here!  It comes so slow and then rushes right in.  Daffodils and tulips blooming, leaves on the trees.
A big storm blew through on Friday night and three big trees snapped and fell on three houses, right in my row!  Debris fell in my yard.  I don't know how I have been so lucky so far.  I bet I'm next.  Old Grandfather and Grandmother pine are overdue!
I went bowling with the veterans group on Thursday, that was fun.  There is a trip to Mountain Adventure coming up.  

Monday, April 2, 2018

It's April already???

How did it get to be April already?  I just got back last week from another trip to Louisiana.  Yes, I drove again!  The trip was nice and smooth, but that drive is just mind-numbing.  I think next time I will fly!  It is cheaper in the long run.  I spent 6 nights in motels and probably $200 on gas, not to mention food.
It was nice to visit my family however.  My sister and I went to the zoo and I watched her get a tattoo.  I did some sightseeing and geocaching.  I have been out of work a couple months due to my hernia surgery and my trip.  I started back Saturday night, working 3 overnights in a row.  The check will be nice!  I really don't have anything new going on.  I think I will be doing some camping this year, I got a new tent and sleeping bag.  Also a mattress for the car's back seat.  I can use that in the tent as well.  
Sarah just got back from another successful Anime Boston.  I haven't seen many pictures yet.  Here is one her friend posted.

Her group, Idolized, hosted a meet up and had a dance party with other Love Live fans.  
I'm eagerly waiting for real spring to get here.  I have tulips and daffodils coming up.  It will be a while before they actually bloom, however.  

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christmas Eve 2017

Thinking today about Christmases past.  How hard my Mom tried to make it nice for me, my sister and brother.  Having to stretch what few dollars she had.  My stepfather was miserly and I really don't remember my Dad going out of his way to get us gifts.  
My Mom loved playing Santa.  She would put all kinds of things in our stockings, fruit and nuts at the bottom, then little things like Bonnie Bell flavored lip balm, Lifesavers, always a candy cane!  When I still believed in Santa, it was always so magical to wake up on Christmas day to find my stocking on the foot of the bed.  I remember waking up and then poking around with my toes until I found it.  Hearing it rustle and feeling it's weight down there was so exciting.  I shared a bedroom with my sister, so the first one awake always woke up the other one.  We would get our brother and see what Santa left for us.  
As I got older, I would lay in bed awake, waiting for "Santa".  I would pretend to be asleep while my Mom would sneak in to put the stocking on the bed.  It was so hard not to giggle or react.  I was good and waited, well most of the time.  As I got older, I would take things out to see what was in there.  
We weren't allowed to come out of our rooms until my Mom and stepfather were up and had their coffee.  Then we were allowed in to the living room.  On Christmas eve we always had cookies and hot chocolate.  It was so exciting to wait for Santa.  I used to look out the window trying to see Rudolph's nose!
We had to be very careful unwrapping our gifts.  My Mom would save and reuse paper, so we were not allowed to tear into our gifts.  My stepfather didn't like us to show any sign of "greed".
We got gifts that would entertain us for a long time.  Games, crafts, sleds,etc..  My Mom would knit or crochet hats, mittens and scarfs. She always made a delicious dinner.  
As an adult, I spent a lot of money on my kids for Christmas.  I always tried to make it special for them.  After I had my daughter, her paternal Grandmother went crazy with gifts.  She would spend so much money, especially for Sarah.  I remember her first or second birthday, there were so many gifts, the tree was half covered!  
As I got older and my kids aren't little anymore, Christmas became more and more stressful for me.  I felt I had to buy gifts for everyone in my family.  I always felt as if it was never good enough.  I haven't put a tree up in about 3 years.  I was always afraid of the cats breaking my ornaments and Sarah was living at her Grandmother's house.  
Maybe someday I will find Christmas joy again.  This year, I am just watching from the sidelines and being grateful for what I already have.