Monday, May 2, 2016

I didn't wait a year!

Look at this!  A post and it hasn't been a year!  It has been a very busy few months with work and play.  Spring is finally here with its flowers and green grass.  I have some daffodils and tulips.  I think this fall I will plant bulbs randomly all over the yard for a pretty display next spring.  
I won a contest!  I entered a contest by Honda to win a trip to "Camp Ridgeline".  I am flying to San Antonio on May 20th with my son as my guest.  We will be staying at the Grand Hyatt hotel on the Riverwalk and then going to a ranch to compete in Camp Ridgeline.  We will be driving the new 2017 Ridgeline trucks.  We will be having two dinners, two breakfasts and probably a cook out at the ranch.  Airfare is included.  I'm sure we will be meeting some Honda bigwigs as well!  
My hunt for a boyfriend still is not going good.  Constant rejection and creeps on dating sites.  I don't know.. maybe I am not supposed to be dating at this point in my life.
Work is going great.  Joni asked me to be a guest speaker at this years gala.  
I joined a new meet up group and have become an administrator!  I help schedule meetups and hosted my first one Saturday.  We hiked up Spruce mountain.  When I did it about 5 years ago with Rich, I don't remember it being so long and so steep!  It took me 2 hours to climb it!  The trip down was even worse because my feet and hands had swollen up.  The view from the fire tower was fantastic however!  
I went to see my Mom in February.  It was a nice visit.  So good to see her and my family again.  I had a rental car and drove up to Bossier City to see my brother.  He is living up there in a half way house.  
Kids are doing good.  Travis and Krys still live here.  I really want them to move out!  Sarah still lives with her Grandmother.  She has her learners permit now and is working at Claire's in the mall.  She is a great kid.  Travis is too.  Rainy today, but we need it.  Hardly any snow this winter.  Less than a foot I think.