Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sarah and the "lump"

My daughter noticed a lump on her arm a few days ago and complained about it and how it hurt. I told her what most Mom's would say.. it will be better in a couple days and if it isn't we will go to the Dr. Well, the Lump kept getting bigger and bigger so off we went to the Dr. yesterday. She was mystified about it, so she ordered an ultrasound of her arm. Turns out the lump which we named Herbert by the way, has 3 siblings... two are un-named but the largest is Matilda. She is twice the size of Herbert. Now I'm not trying to be silly or dismissive. I think naming these things is my way of coping with the fear that something is wrong with my daughter. We are waiting to hear back from the Dr. to find out what to do next... Here is a pic of Herbert anyhow.. please pray this is nothing serious!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Back from the Honeymoon

We are back from our trip up north into the High Peaks of the Adirondacks. WEDDING PICS here. We had a good stay. We went to two museums and did some fishing and attempted to canoe, but me the "naturegirl" got terrified we would tip over! I wasn't worried about getting wet, I was worried about loosing our equipment in the canoe! You couldn't make the slightest movement without it wobbling. We did catch some fish from the shore line. All small little fish, but better than nothing. We threw them back in to grow some more! I think the highlight of our trip was The Wild Center.
It is a beautiful new natural history museum in Tupper Lake, NY. It has live animals all throughout with the highlight being two playful otters. We also watched a demonstation of a porcupine. One of the handlers was feeding it bits of cucumber. The porcupine would stand up on its back legs to get the treat. They also have a raven that they do shows with, but we missed him.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Here we are on TV

The wedding was great and Stewart's handling everything perfectly, we had such a good time and we were on TV. HERE is the clip.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Getting closer

Is everyone tired of me going on yet about the wedding? I think we have everything we need, now just to get it all organized. Hair coloring tonight at my house! Nails tomorrow, no not at a salon, just glue on jobbies at home! Pick up the cake and the best man. Flowers pick up Saturday morning. Rich has his suit ready to go. Have to find the boys jeans. They are around somewhere. Sarah has decided the only dress she will wear is this white one she has.. she has to be difficult! I hope she doesn't ruin my wedding pictures by refusing to pose in them or throwing her arms and hands up in front of her face. She says "she hates" to get her picture taken. I think she just gets that from me. I don't like it because I look like a water buffalo in all mine... Linda

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Are you nervous yet?

Yes, that is what I've been hearing alot from folks. I would have to say no so far, but today I am starting to feel the first twinges of it. I bet by Friday evening I'll be a wreck and won't be able to sleep! For those that don't know it, I'm getting married to my sweety on Saturday!
He is the guy on the top of the blog with me. I am still having a hard time believing that I'm getting MARRIED! For those of you that have read my blog for such a long time, I think you would understand why.. the years of mental anguish and torment that I went thru with my ex.. it has been over 3 years already. Hard to believe, I've been gone that long and now I'm getting married! I couldn't of picked a more gentle, caring man. Yes I have my doubts and fears but I think alot of that is just remnants of the EX.
Anyway.. I have so much to do the next couple of days. Shopping, preparing and then on Saturday getting over to the wedding site early to decorate. Hope it is all set up early enough for me to go get dressed and be ready for the limo by 11:45. My dress is hanging a few feet away from me. I need to press the sash a little. I am still not completely satisfied with the way it fits. I think a padded bra is in order to fill out the bodice. I think I should of ordered it a size smaller. Oh well, I will have big jugs for my wedding! LOL!