Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Are you nervous yet?

Yes, that is what I've been hearing alot from folks. I would have to say no so far, but today I am starting to feel the first twinges of it. I bet by Friday evening I'll be a wreck and won't be able to sleep! For those that don't know it, I'm getting married to my sweety on Saturday!
He is the guy on the top of the blog with me. I am still having a hard time believing that I'm getting MARRIED! For those of you that have read my blog for such a long time, I think you would understand why.. the years of mental anguish and torment that I went thru with my ex.. it has been over 3 years already. Hard to believe, I've been gone that long and now I'm getting married! I couldn't of picked a more gentle, caring man. Yes I have my doubts and fears but I think alot of that is just remnants of the EX.
Anyway.. I have so much to do the next couple of days. Shopping, preparing and then on Saturday getting over to the wedding site early to decorate. Hope it is all set up early enough for me to go get dressed and be ready for the limo by 11:45. My dress is hanging a few feet away from me. I need to press the sash a little. I am still not completely satisfied with the way it fits. I think a padded bra is in order to fill out the bodice. I think I should of ordered it a size smaller. Oh well, I will have big jugs for my wedding! LOL!


  1. Oh how wonderful, I am so happy for you. I do hope you will post pictures. I am sure you will look beautiful. I wish you and your future husband a lifetime of happiness and joy. Whoo hoo.

  2. I'm hapy for you!!! I know you've been through alot and you surely deserve a lifetime of happiness. I echo please!!!!!

    Best wishes!! (throwing birdseed in the air)

  3. It doesn't seem like three years have gone by since you were so miserable. I am glad that you are going to be happy. It's about time. Happy Wedding Day for Saturday,. Yes please have someone take pictures to share. Hugs, Helen

  4. You better post lots of wedding pictures!!

    Good Luck!!!


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