Thursday, August 19, 2010

Yet another new barn

I went to one place a week or so ago and worked for an hour and got a one hour lesson for my daughter and myself.  I went back on a day arranged and was told that I misrepresented how much I knew and took too long to groom 4 horses.  Also because my kids played in the hay barn I was a liability.  This all coming from some young 20 something skinny ass chick who obviously has no tolerance for someone who is VOLUNTEERING in exchange for lessons.  She wanted and expected me to work like a paid employee.  
I got an e-mail from a place not to far from here yesterday and called and talked to the lady.  We are on the same page pretty much.  She offered to pay per job or trade for lessons and I stressed to her that I am not an expert by any means.  This time, I'll leave the kids and the camera at home until I know I am welcome and situated there.  Horse people seem strange and also don't have much tolerance for people new into the field.  
In other news, our car is fixed.  Thank God!  We will be taking Sarah to camp on Saturday and then driving to Massachusetts for an airshow in Westfield.  The Thunderbirds will be flying and I'm really looking forward to it.  I told my husband we should get there early for good parking and also to perhaps get box seats in the shade for only $5 each.  First come first serve.  I have no desire to broil in the sun for 7 hours.  Just in case though I will pack the sunscreen!
Leaving you dear reader with some pictures!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Boring, boring week

Our car has been out of commission for several days.  First we though it was the security system because the fuel system was checked twice and came back ok.  Off to the shop it went and over $200 dollars later they said it was something with bad wires.  It ran fine for one day and then wouldn't start again.  They towed it down again and now said it is the fuel pump and it will cost $900 to get it fixed and they wanted to charge us again for towing.  Needless to say we did not pay for the tow there or back because they told us to begin with that it was not the fuel system.  So my husband ordered the part online and will try to put it in himself.  Lets hope it works!  I am supposed to go up to the new barn tomorrow to work for a couple hours.  I have been stuck home for 4 days and I am getting weary of it.  We have been relying on a neighbor for rides for my son back and forth to work and have to ask him again tomorrow.  I hate asking but we need to get places and he is well compensated.  I guess he is getting a little crabby about it though so I hope the part comes soon!
I guess I have been medically "retired" from my job at the nursing home.  It isn't official yet but I got a check and a card.  So I guess in mid Sept. I will be unemployed.  Time to hit up unemployment I guess.  I wish they would let me go now, but I guess legally they can't.  Disability has been slow with the checks.  I did get one for a raise I was supposed to get back in the spring, so that was a nice bonus surprise!  Its gone however of course.  To overdue bills.
The garden is spitting out tomatoes now and squash about every other day.  We have lettuce still but its getting bitter.  We had some cabbage last night, still have potatoes to harvest but not quite yet.  I know there are some there because I uncovered on to take a peek.  I made jam for the first time.  It came out so-so but I guess with practice I will get better.  I want to can some pasta sauce or tomatoes soon also.  I have been resorting to taking a lot of pictures lately, you can see them on my facebook page, but here are a couple from the last couple days.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Another two weeks gone by

I go to the Dr. again tomorrow for a med check.  I really don't want to be on this Zyprexa.  I'm worried about weight gain and the other side effects.  My moods are still up and down but not as severe.  I don't want to go back to work at Wesley.  I've got so much coming up the next couple of weeks.  Just the idea of having to go back to work sucks.  I would rather stay on disability and wait until my 3 months go by and be let go then go back there.  I am considering just putting in my notice.  I would rather get unemployment tho while I'm looking for another job.  Rich got a check for school, but most, actually all of it is going to bills.  The car broke down too so that will by more $$$.  I hate this living so broke.  Hate it.  I would love just enough to be comfortable and not worry about how to pay the bills etc. and have some left over for the nicer things in life.  Like being able to buy my kids things and to go out to eat once in a while, or go on a trip.  Instead I have to tell my kids that we don't have the money.  Rich hates it when I do that, but what am I supposed to tell them?  I believe honesty is the best policy.  He and I have completely different attitudes about money really.  
I found work at another barn.  It seems like it might work out nice.  Work for lessons.  They have trails and alot of room for riding, plus an arena for practice.  I rode on Friday.  I remembered a bit, but I really need to build up some muscle so I can ride correctly.  Posting the trot is hard, you need to sit up straight, heels down, hands down and go up and down, one two one two with the horse.  It's alot harder than it looks!Posting the trot Click that for a video. Really not to much more going on.  Tomatoes are coming in now, picked another zucchini today.  Still have several cabbage growing.  Our cat Simba disappeared again and has been gone several days, I think he might be dead.  I feel so sad about that. 

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Zyprexa blues

Yes, normally I'm supposed to feel better, I do to some degree but I feel hyper alot more now.  I guess that could be a good thing, but I've been cursed with motor-mouth to a degree.  Pretty annoying.  I went out to two different places this week to check about work for riding.  The first place was ok, I think they have too many horses for a small spot and there was only a very small field to ride in.  Takes 20 seconds to get from one end to the other.  The one I went to today seems great.  Very low key.  They definately need work done.  They have 33 horses to look after and only one manager and the owner.  The horses all seem great.  They have 4 large drafts and two draft Haflingers too.  I was trying hard to show my horse knowledge, what little I have and not seem creepy.  When I was walking back to the car with my husband and daughter, I turned around and saw the owner and manager looking at us and talking low.  I wonder what they were saying.  Hopefully not these people are creepy.  I know my husband can be a little intimidating because he is very quiet, tall and just is there.  Maybe he scares people.  I go away this weekend for a day or two for my anniversary!  We are prob. going to Vermont.  I love Vermont.