Thursday, August 19, 2010

Yet another new barn

I went to one place a week or so ago and worked for an hour and got a one hour lesson for my daughter and myself.  I went back on a day arranged and was told that I misrepresented how much I knew and took too long to groom 4 horses.  Also because my kids played in the hay barn I was a liability.  This all coming from some young 20 something skinny ass chick who obviously has no tolerance for someone who is VOLUNTEERING in exchange for lessons.  She wanted and expected me to work like a paid employee.  
I got an e-mail from a place not to far from here yesterday and called and talked to the lady.  We are on the same page pretty much.  She offered to pay per job or trade for lessons and I stressed to her that I am not an expert by any means.  This time, I'll leave the kids and the camera at home until I know I am welcome and situated there.  Horse people seem strange and also don't have much tolerance for people new into the field.  
In other news, our car is fixed.  Thank God!  We will be taking Sarah to camp on Saturday and then driving to Massachusetts for an airshow in Westfield.  The Thunderbirds will be flying and I'm really looking forward to it.  I told my husband we should get there early for good parking and also to perhaps get box seats in the shade for only $5 each.  First come first serve.  I have no desire to broil in the sun for 7 hours.  Just in case though I will pack the sunscreen!
Leaving you dear reader with some pictures!


  1. Great photos! Have a good trip!

  2. I found your blog through another blog and enjoyed my time here. I came to visit because you are in upstate New York and I'm in Vermont so we are kind of neighbors. Don't let the mean people bother you. I think it's wonderful you are wanting to take lessons and learn more and as to the posting trot, I sure know what you mean. It's really difficult for me at my age. Love your "Skinny Girls are for Wimps." I'm going to remember that.

  3. I'm sorry the your volunteer job didn't work out. She should have been grateful!

    I have a new blog home. Check me out when you get some time.


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