Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Bzz Agent campaign!

I love Bzz Agent and Bzzing about new products.

Friday, March 11, 2011


A friend of mine on Facebook and someone I know personally mentioned that her son had her buy clams at the store.  That reminded me of something funny that happened when I first got out of the Air Force.  My brother Rich and I went to a bar/restaurant in Saratoga Springs for lunch.  The name of the place was Madame Jumel's.  It is named after a famous Victorian lady who was quite famous in her day in Saratoga.  He ordered clams for us.  I had never had clams before.  Back then my brother was quite the drinker and he and I had a couple drinks waiting for our clams.  I was getting quite tipsy by the time they came and we started eating them.  My brother is somewhat of a cut up and was taking the clam shells and making them talk using funny voices.  I was laughing so hard I was almost wetting my pants and everyone was staring at us.  I didn't care!  Always had a good time with my brother.  I still do and he has been sober several years now!  One time he had me in a shopping cart and was pushing me down the street in it.  We actually got pulled over by a police car!  I bet that was the first time they pulled over someone riding in a shopping cart!  They told us to stop because it was dangerous.  I got out and we waited until they left and he got me back in and took off with me down Caroline St.  Caroline St has a very steep hill and goes right past a lot of bars etc..  I was laughing and screaming my head off and then we saw the cop car again.  We abandoned the shopping cart and took off into a bar.  I sure love my brother, he has made my life very interesting!  Here is a picture of him at my wedding!  In the first picture he is standing with Tom Maily who used to be a reporter on a local TV station and is now the public relations manager of Stewart's in the area.  My brother is wearing the prank underwear I had under my dress for the garter ceremony!

Mood swings-Massive earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

There has been a massive earthquake and Tsunami that hit in Japan.  Hundreds of people dead, mass destruction.  Very upsetting to me.  Is this all part of what is in the bible about the end times?  Is Jesus coming back soon? 

I have been experiencing frequent mood swings lately.  I don't know if it is because of the cancer and being sick or because my medication isn't working or what..  I guess it is normal to be feeling this way but I feel tearful or hyper or just regular all in one day.  This is not bi-polar.  I have not heard of bi-polar having mood swings so rapidly.  Of course I really don't know if that is what I have.  The snow and lousy weather has been lingering and I have not been out much so I guess that can cause me to feel moody too.  I went out to breakfast with my father the other day and him and Nancy got me a nice comforter for the bed. 
Sarah has been spending a lot of time at her Grandmother's house.  She has been acting up in school, trying to skip class.  I think she learned her lesson because she got caught the first time!
My incision is still opened up quite a bit.  It seems to be healing but it happens so slowly it is hard for me to say one way or another.  I am off the antibiotics I just hope I don't get an infection.  I am keeping an eye out for redness and pain etc.. I have some antibiotics here just in case but they really give me terrible heartburn. 
Looking forward to church on Sunday and the St. Patricks day dinner after.  I am going to bring a dessert.  I haven't decided what to make yet.  Maybe cupcakes.  I don't want all the desserts to end up being cake like.  Cupcakes would be a big hit with the kids however!  I really don't have much news.