Saturday, February 4, 2017

New Year 2017

Yes, it is February but I think this is my first post for the new year.
Donald Trump is the President and I think we are living in an alternate reality.  He is doing a complete fuck up job.  Of course his supporters think he is a living god.  
I didn't really do much for January.  Been out of work for almost a month.  Going back Monday.  Did my taxes.  Getting about $4000 back.  Last year of the earned income credit.  I'm not planning on spending that money.  I am going to save it.  I'm still considering selling the mobile home.  I don't know if the park will want to buy it.  I need to rip out that bad ceiling section.  
Light flurries today.  It has been seasonable in the temps.  
I tried calling Dad but he didn't return my call.  I guess I'm disowned.  He probably expects an apology and he isn't getting one.
Taking the car to the garage on Tuesday to get the other O2 sensor replaced.  I hope that solves the issues with the check engine light.  I am due for inspection this month as well.  I was told I need to drive it to make sure that it doesn't come back on.  I'm hoping the owner will give me a break and let that part slide.  We have been over that already.  I think I need some brake work too.  Every year it is either the front or rear brakes.  I'd like to take a road trip and go see Mom in Louisiana, I just want the car to make it!
I brought Angel and Kimi to the shelter.  I hated to do it but they were pissing on everything and we have too many cats.
Not much else for news..