Thursday, May 28, 2009


I have been terrible about remembering to post here in my journal. Shame on me! I missed reporting so many things. Things like our first hummingbird. We have two males. I have not seen any females yet. We have more plants in the garden. Besides the broccoli and brussel sprouts, we put in tomatoes, cukes, butternut, yellow and soon, zucchini. Oh and peppers. I think our garden is going to grow beyond the space we allotted it however. I'm worried about the squash vines overtaking everything! My Dad's garden gets like that. He has 4x as much space but plants more than me. There is barely room to walk in his garden!
Graduation time is coming on us quickly. I have to send out some invitations pretty soon. We are planning on having a cookout here at the house. Hope it doesn't rain. I really can't afford to rent a canopy tent. Hope people show up to the party besides the usuals. But even if it is just the usuals, we will still have fun!
Wedding plans are on a stand still because we have no money to buy anything. Also I keep forgetting to go to my appts at the florist and cake makers. Duh... I forgot to go to my bankruptcy lawyer for the second time. My memory is getting very bad. I also mix up my words alot. I was trying to tell my dog Buzzy to cut it out. I ended up saying Quit it out, Barthy. I'm wondering if its just a perimenopause thing? The picture at top is of Sarah holding the baby weasel that lost its mother. Well that is all the news for now... Hope everyone is well. Linda

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gotta get that..

Busy like a bee

I feel like I'm running in place with getting ready for the wedding. With no cash it is hard to get started! I am going soon to try on another dress. I tried one on already and it was too small. This is a size bigger so I am hoping! I guess wedding dresses run small so I shouldn't feel too bad! I have an appt next week with the florist and have to set up one with the cake lady. Then we still have to get rings, a licence, an officiant, decorations, favors, dresses and suits for the kids... The list is endless and the money is non-existant! We might all end up getting married in jeans!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thursday, May 14, 2009

More on the wedding

Yesterday we met with Tom Mailey of Stewarts and Amy who also works there. We discussed our thoughts on what we wanted and they showed us our budget. They will cater the reception with Stewart's food, which really isn't that bad. I'm sure the kids will enjoy the hotdogs! They gave us a $100 allowance toward flowers and an additional $100 toward a cake. I might have to supplement the flower allowance with some wildflowers as flowers are very expensive. I have a pretty good idea what look or theme I am going for. I am thinking a wildflower/butterfly type theme as the cake I want is decorated that way. Here is a PICTURE
of the one I want. 2nd page #229 Butterfly garden. I have never seen a cake so pretty. I am planning on going to David's bridal to get measured or else measure myself and get a dress off e-bay or craigslist or a clearance rack! I don't want a fancy wedding dress. Something simple but pretty. Rich wants to buy a suit or rent a tux. We also have to get one for his son. Travis has a suit he can wear. Karl will have to get a light gray one to match Travis or we are going to have a really mismatched wedding! Also for the best man. Sarah will get a dress with a similar color to my maid of honor. I am picking my friend Barbara. So I have alot of work to do and ordering to do!
Stewarts is going to set up a tent off to the side of the plaza we are getting married at. It is near the woods and very quiet. I guess a local newspaper and also a TV news channel has caught wind of this and may do stories! So we may be on TV getting married! The condo in Lake Placid sounds great. It is right upstairs from the Stewarts shop there and has 3 bedrooms, a huge family room etc... I guess we can sleep in a different room each night! I am so excited about this. Linda

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wedding costs

I know that there are some people out there that think if you can't afford to get married that you shouldn't but with a free wedding basically being given, who would turn it down? We were planning on getting married anyhow. The only problem is the extra costs. I have to get a dress, nothing fancy, maybe even a pretty white sundress. I need a dress for my daughter and a dress shirt for my sons. Shoes all around. My fiance needs a suit, we can probably rent one or he has a friend hopefully he can borrow from. We are meeting with the rep from Stewarts today to see what the deal is and start planning. So we will find out if we will be eating chili dogs at our wedding! :)
I can't remember if it includes flowers or not. Wildflowers will be abundant then. Then there are the little extras, gifts, favors, a cake cutter, wine or champagne, beer if not provided and if allowed. I realize we will be getting money as gifts, but we need it now, not later. I am flat out broke and have not been using my credit cards due to the bankruptcy proceedings. Sigh.. the tangled web we weave...

Monday, May 11, 2009


We just got a call from Stewart's. The couple that won backed out and we won! We are getting married at Stewarts in August! Send money! :) There is a donate button on my page if anyone wants to help out! I need to buy a dress!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

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I want to wish everyone a Happy Mother's day. Yes, even to you guys because you have a mother or know a mother! I am working today, but that is ok because I get to wish alot of people a Happy Mother's day! My new job is going good. I have gotten the hang of things and am flying solo on the weekend now.

It is very windy today. The trees are blooming beautifully. The lilacs are just opening now and smell heavenly! I have heard reports of hummingbirds in the area. I have not seen one yet but I'm sure they are coming! I hope they brought winter blankets because we have a frost advisory tonight. I will have to cover my flowers and lettuce etc..

Rich and I did not win the Stewarts contest. Too bad, but we can plan our own wedding for next year! We don't have to eat chili dogs if we don't want to!

I hope everyone has a good upcoming week.. Linda

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Friday, May 1, 2009

Community Photo Challenge

I decided to try my hand at the Photo Challenge.. This weeks theme is Tranquility. Can a tank at sunset be tranquil? I think so... if it is an old one from WW2 and is no longer being used in war.