Thursday, May 28, 2009


I have been terrible about remembering to post here in my journal. Shame on me! I missed reporting so many things. Things like our first hummingbird. We have two males. I have not seen any females yet. We have more plants in the garden. Besides the broccoli and brussel sprouts, we put in tomatoes, cukes, butternut, yellow and soon, zucchini. Oh and peppers. I think our garden is going to grow beyond the space we allotted it however. I'm worried about the squash vines overtaking everything! My Dad's garden gets like that. He has 4x as much space but plants more than me. There is barely room to walk in his garden!
Graduation time is coming on us quickly. I have to send out some invitations pretty soon. We are planning on having a cookout here at the house. Hope it doesn't rain. I really can't afford to rent a canopy tent. Hope people show up to the party besides the usuals. But even if it is just the usuals, we will still have fun!
Wedding plans are on a stand still because we have no money to buy anything. Also I keep forgetting to go to my appts at the florist and cake makers. Duh... I forgot to go to my bankruptcy lawyer for the second time. My memory is getting very bad. I also mix up my words alot. I was trying to tell my dog Buzzy to cut it out. I ended up saying Quit it out, Barthy. I'm wondering if its just a perimenopause thing? The picture at top is of Sarah holding the baby weasel that lost its mother. Well that is all the news for now... Hope everyone is well. Linda


  1. no humming birds here yet but soon I hope.

  2. I guess we have both male and female ones at our feeder as one is colorful the other not. That baby is so cute, I hope it does ok without it's mom. When things get busy for me I make lists and don't do well without them. Sounds like you need to do the same...lots going on there at your house. Make your lists...

  3. No hummingbirds here yet. I hope to see them soon!

    Have a good one!

  4. Hey Linda, its been awhile since I have stopped over and I wanted to drop in and say hello and see how you have been. Wedding plans eh? Sounds like a lot is going on in your life right now. :) Good things. :) Hugs, Kelly

  5. I forget alot here lately also....I think it is stress!!! lol Take care,

  6. sounds promising
    I love hummingbirds!


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