Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Busy like a bee

I feel like I'm running in place with getting ready for the wedding. With no cash it is hard to get started! I am going soon to try on another dress. I tried one on already and it was too small. This is a size bigger so I am hoping! I guess wedding dresses run small so I shouldn't feel too bad! I have an appt next week with the florist and have to set up one with the cake lady. Then we still have to get rings, a licence, an officiant, decorations, favors, dresses and suits for the kids... The list is endless and the money is non-existant! We might all end up getting married in jeans!


  1. Weddings take a lot of planning and yours especially so. Design on a shoestring they call it. Take care and don't get too stressed.

  2. I hope it all comes together for you somehow. Try not to stress too much about the wedding...just look forward to a good and loving future for you both.
    love ya,


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