Friday, May 1, 2009

Community Photo Challenge

I decided to try my hand at the Photo Challenge.. This weeks theme is Tranquility. Can a tank at sunset be tranquil? I think so... if it is an old one from WW2 and is no longer being used in war.


  1. great shot of that old soldier, it yells tranquil!

  2. I am finding this a very interesting challenge. Discovering what others find tranquil. It's a very cool silhouette taken in the golden hour. Lovely~

  3. Just goes to show you that the time of day can matter even more than the subject. This is very nicely done, and an old WW2 tank can be viewed as tranquil, too (as long as it's in "sleep" mode). Great answer to the challenge!

  4. Day is done, gone the sun,
    From the hills, from the lake,
    From the sky.
    All is well, safely rest,
    God is nigh.

    Go to sleep, peaceful sleep,
    May the soldier or sailor,
    God keep.
    On the land or the deep,
    Safe in sleep.

  5. Your silhouette is very effective and the photo speaks volumes. Beautiful!


  6. I like this and the symbolic unfired tank at sunset, gives it a sense of hope.

  7. Holy smokem's. Good thing I come by to even say hello before you turn that gun turret my way. I got the hint.

    Your head line picture....I grew up with jerseys. It was a jersey's eyes that didn't keep free of life sentenced institutionalization.

    Oh, and tanks for the memory reminder.


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