Friday, March 11, 2011

Mood swings-Massive earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

There has been a massive earthquake and Tsunami that hit in Japan.  Hundreds of people dead, mass destruction.  Very upsetting to me.  Is this all part of what is in the bible about the end times?  Is Jesus coming back soon? 

I have been experiencing frequent mood swings lately.  I don't know if it is because of the cancer and being sick or because my medication isn't working or what..  I guess it is normal to be feeling this way but I feel tearful or hyper or just regular all in one day.  This is not bi-polar.  I have not heard of bi-polar having mood swings so rapidly.  Of course I really don't know if that is what I have.  The snow and lousy weather has been lingering and I have not been out much so I guess that can cause me to feel moody too.  I went out to breakfast with my father the other day and him and Nancy got me a nice comforter for the bed. 
Sarah has been spending a lot of time at her Grandmother's house.  She has been acting up in school, trying to skip class.  I think she learned her lesson because she got caught the first time!
My incision is still opened up quite a bit.  It seems to be healing but it happens so slowly it is hard for me to say one way or another.  I am off the antibiotics I just hope I don't get an infection.  I am keeping an eye out for redness and pain etc.. I have some antibiotics here just in case but they really give me terrible heartburn. 
Looking forward to church on Sunday and the St. Patricks day dinner after.  I am going to bring a dessert.  I haven't decided what to make yet.  Maybe cupcakes.  I don't want all the desserts to end up being cake like.  Cupcakes would be a big hit with the kids however!  I really don't have much news. 


  1. It's the cancer giving you mood swings; I have followed several bloggers with cancer in the past, and still follow a couple besides you. Every one of them has mood swings and spells of depression. Cancer is scary! Don't worry about your moods.

  2. I can understand about your mood swings. I know you feel scared some days and more confident some days.
    I feel so sorry for all those people of Japan. The Bible does speak of earthquakes before the end of time. It does seem they are getting more numerous.

    The local geocachers are having a cookout about an hour away today. We are going to try going even if I do have to lay down in the backseat most of the way there and back.
    I hope your weekend goes well. Take it easy around there. Helen

  3. huggggggggggggsssssssssssss!
    Get better and stronger... I am sending good thoughts and warm ideas your way...
    It is natural (very) to have ups and downs with getting over cancer..and it is natural to have the snowy weather make you sad...
    any chance you can travel to the sun soon?
    love and hugs


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