Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Surgery is done

I have had my surgery on Friday as scheduled.  I know that was 5 days ago, but I really haven't felt up to blogging until now.  My family has been blessed with great dinners from folks at church and a couple boxes of food stuffs too!  
My surgery site seems to be healing up ok.  I have two drainage tubes in and hopefully they will come out next week.  I am tired a lot but cannot sleep during the day no matter what I do to try.  I sleep good at night but the dog wakes me up two or three times and I am forced to get up.  Rich sleeps right through it.  Speaking of the dog, the lazy sluggard just got up from his early morning nap.  He takes that after breakfast I guess.  Lazy dog.  He should be doing something useful like fetching slippers or something.. 
I am waiting to hear more from my Doctors office or to get a call from the oncologists office with an initial set up appt.  I am not looking forward to this next part of the treatment at all.  I will have to get a port put in for the chemo too, so more surgery is coming up.  A port is a small metal device with catheters.  The catheters go into your major artery and the port is accessed with needles to administer the chemo and to draw blood etc..  It is usually placed in the chest area.  I will be sedated for the procedure which is good, I don't want to have to be awake!  
I am tired so I am going to attempt to sleep.  Probably won't happen, but I can try!  My husband has an annoying habit of slamming doors and coming into the bedroom clomping in his boots and then coming over and touching me.  So even if I am starting to fall asleep I am woken up. 


  1. Glad surgery is over and now you can get back to good health ~ Love the Picture ~ Ally x

  2. You will be in my thoughts and prayers for a full recovery.

  3. So grateful that your surgery is over. Take it one step at a time. Glad you are managing to sleep at night as well. You will be in my prayers. Hugs.

  4. Glad the surgery is behind you. Sounds like you're on the road to recovery ... one step at a time. Sending thoughts and prayers for a quick recovery.

  5. At least now you can breathe a sigh of relief that the surgery is behind you and you are on your way to healing. I am keeping you in my Prayers. Good luck with the port. My friend has one and says it is much nicer than being poked all the time.
    Take care and I hope you can start resting better.

  6. Been thinking about day at a time and be good to yourself..take pleasure where you can and ask for help!!

  7. I'm so glad surgery is over and your mending now. My mom had a port and it never gave her any problem.

  8. Im glad the surgery is over Linda ((((hugs)))))

  9. The blog is very good!


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