Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lazy day

Yesterday, I indulged in being very lazy.  I was tired all day, got up at 6:00 to get the kids ready for school and went back to bed until around 9:00.  Got up for a couple hours and went back to bed from around 11:30 until 2:00.  I read that having actual cancer can make people tired.  I wish I would be loosing weight, but then again if I was I would be terminal, so we will skip that wish!  I need to lay off the cookies!
I went over to my Aunt Janice's last night for a sub and chips and she cut and colored my hair.
She wanted to experiment and added a cap of neutral blonde into it and the results were a shade lighter!  I had gotten a coupon for a free box of  foaming haircolor in the mail and gave it to her because I won't be needed it in a couple months!  So this color will see me thru to chemo!  At least I will look my age and not like I'm older.  I am starting to get scared.  Hard to believe that this is happening to me!  No one expects breast cancer when there is NO family history.  I am the family pioneer I guess. 
Speaking of pioneers, my Aunt Janice and I looked through her old family pictures.  I don't have any to show here but on the Wheeler side of the family, my Grandpa owned a dairy farm near Schaghticoke, NY.  After that was sold he bought a bar I think and then built a general store and had cabins out back to let to tourists.  The general store is still there but I believe it is a house.  Grandpa Wheeler originally came from Ohio.  His family can be traced back to the Revolutionary War where Asa Wheeler Sr. served under Gen. George Washington.  He was one of the founders of a town called Clarksfield in Ohio.  He owned a mill there.

The old gentleman on the far left is Asa Wheeler Jr., I believe.  The man with the dark hair and mustache is his son, I believed named Anson.

I don't belong to anymore so I'm not sure of all the names. 
Anyhow, today I am going to pre-op to get my blood draw, EKG and maybe a chest X-ray to check for spread of the cancer to other areas.  Tomorrow I have to go in the morning to family court because Travis' father was called in by Medicaid.  I wish I didn't have to go. 
I have made arrangements for Sarah to spend the weekend at her Grandmothers.  I am starting to feel stressed, Rich keeps coming in the bedroom and standing behind me and it is bothering me.  I better take a Zanax now before I get too paranoid.


  1. I should have read this entry first then I would have seen there was a family connection.
    I hope things turn out ok for Travis. That is the last thing you need to be doing right now. You are under enough stress like it is. I like your new hair color. Helen

  2. All the best to you Linda and may
    God see you through the surgery.


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