Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hubby on the roof

My husband is up on the roof shoveling it off.  We have had problems with it leaking so he needs to get the snow off.  He wants to build a peaked roof  this summer but I think just sealing it would be better because I have no plans on living here forever!
Still waiting to hear from the Doctors office.  It will be a week tomorrow since the biopsies.  Come on people!  I left a message yesterday and got no response.  Maybe she is running it past the "tumor board" first.  Yes that is what they call it!  Our big snow storm turned out to be a storm dud.  We did get about a foot of snow maybe less.  I think the period of sleet cut it down. This picture is from downtown Saratoga Springs.
We went into town and I got one prescription filled and like an idiot for got to get the other two that I had called in.  Now will have to go back in tomorrow.  Also one I wanted filled had to get "pre-approved".  It is Ambien CR instead of the regular Ambien.  What a crock of crap!  Darn insurance companies.  They had to pre approve my MRI too!  From what I read, if you need chemotherapy that has to also be pre approved!  Dr. to patient, "I'm sorry we can't begin your life saving treatment until it is pre-approved"..  


  1. The ambien CR is much, much more expensive than the regular ambien... like... ten times as expensive. that's probably why it has to have an approval. And *I think* that the CR doesn't have a generic available but the regular does. Zolpidem or something like that. I wonder what the requirements are to be on the tumor board... I know it's driving you crazy not to have the whole plan of treatment spelled out. It would me. Heck... I'm frustrated over just not knowing what they're gonna do with these kidney stones and they're not potentially fatal. I don't think. Are they?

  2. I took Ambian and ended up not only addicted but it made me do things in my sleep I wasn't aware of.

    I think that sealing the roof would be much better than building a new roof.


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