Friday, March 11, 2011


A friend of mine on Facebook and someone I know personally mentioned that her son had her buy clams at the store.  That reminded me of something funny that happened when I first got out of the Air Force.  My brother Rich and I went to a bar/restaurant in Saratoga Springs for lunch.  The name of the place was Madame Jumel's.  It is named after a famous Victorian lady who was quite famous in her day in Saratoga.  He ordered clams for us.  I had never had clams before.  Back then my brother was quite the drinker and he and I had a couple drinks waiting for our clams.  I was getting quite tipsy by the time they came and we started eating them.  My brother is somewhat of a cut up and was taking the clam shells and making them talk using funny voices.  I was laughing so hard I was almost wetting my pants and everyone was staring at us.  I didn't care!  Always had a good time with my brother.  I still do and he has been sober several years now!  One time he had me in a shopping cart and was pushing me down the street in it.  We actually got pulled over by a police car!  I bet that was the first time they pulled over someone riding in a shopping cart!  They told us to stop because it was dangerous.  I got out and we waited until they left and he got me back in and took off with me down Caroline St.  Caroline St has a very steep hill and goes right past a lot of bars etc..  I was laughing and screaming my head off and then we saw the cop car again.  We abandoned the shopping cart and took off into a bar.  I sure love my brother, he has made my life very interesting!  Here is a picture of him at my wedding!  In the first picture he is standing with Tom Maily who used to be a reporter on a local TV station and is now the public relations manager of Stewart's in the area.  My brother is wearing the prank underwear I had under my dress for the garter ceremony!


  1. Hummm, it sounds like you two had a fun time growing up.

  2. He does look like a fun and funny guy! You probably have many more stories.

  3. Ha ha ha!! What a great relationship you guys had!!!

  4. what a brave fellow!


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