Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Zyprexa blues

Yes, normally I'm supposed to feel better, I do to some degree but I feel hyper alot more now.  I guess that could be a good thing, but I've been cursed with motor-mouth to a degree.  Pretty annoying.  I went out to two different places this week to check about work for riding.  The first place was ok, I think they have too many horses for a small spot and there was only a very small field to ride in.  Takes 20 seconds to get from one end to the other.  The one I went to today seems great.  Very low key.  They definately need work done.  They have 33 horses to look after and only one manager and the owner.  The horses all seem great.  They have 4 large drafts and two draft Haflingers too.  I was trying hard to show my horse knowledge, what little I have and not seem creepy.  When I was walking back to the car with my husband and daughter, I turned around and saw the owner and manager looking at us and talking low.  I wonder what they were saying.  Hopefully not these people are creepy.  I know my husband can be a little intimidating because he is very quiet, tall and just is there.  Maybe he scares people.  I go away this weekend for a day or two for my anniversary!  We are prob. going to Vermont.  I love Vermont. 


  1. dont worry about what anyone thinks Linda, just be yourself. Why would anyone think you're creepy? That doesnt make sense to me. You seem like a normal nice lady to me.

    Have fun in vermont!


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