Monday, April 6, 2009

Washington park

Hello all, I am again being remiss in blogging. Darn Facebook steals my time away with all the silly games and applications. The photo above is of Sadie, Little Buddy and Bob the cat. Sadie has recently gone to the Rainbow Bridge and my Mom is very sad. Little Buddy has recently become a father! Bob is Bob. I worked this weekend. Only two more days to go and I start my new job! Wednesday is my last day at rehab as I have tomorrow off. It was just about unbearable yesterday slogging thru the day. I hope I enjoy doing the staffing portion of my new job. I have to try to remember to make the best of the situation and keep plugging along. I cannot afford to loose my job at this point. Yesterday we stopped and made a quick visit to Washington Park in Albany. The tulips are coming up and soon it will be time for Tulip Fest! This event draws thousands of people. Click on Tulip Fest for more info. Also I saw the magnolia trees are starting to bloom.
This weekend however we are going to Queens to visit Rich's brother for his niece's birthday. She is turning or has turned 4. Not much else for news. Hope everyone has a great week.


  1. Magnolia trees are beginning to bloom here too. The tulips haven't done so yet. They are beautiful. I bet that fest would be something to see. Good luck with the new job.
    'On Ya'-ma

  2. I'll have to look up magnolia trees , they sound pretty.

  3. Hope you like your new job! It is hell having to work withsomeone you can't stand.I know- been there and done that.
    I love tulips...and having gone bak and read your other entry...I must tell you congratulations on your engagement!!!
    I wish you many many years of happiness.
    love ya,


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