Sunday, January 30, 2011

Another trip to Albany

Tomorrow is another trip to Albany, this time with Sarah to her endocrinologist.  Her sugars have been terrible so I am hoping they will either let us put her back on the pump or increase her insulin or something.  I feel like I haven't been taking very good care of her lately due to my own problems.  I need to keep a log book in her kit to track her levels. 
I didn't feel very good this morning.  I got a little overwhelmed thinking of everything.  Getting ready for church, going to Albany, going to see my own PCP Monday afternoon.  I am just so TIRED.  We are supposed to get a big storm coming in Wed and that will probably be when they want to see me in Albany again.  I'm sure the lab results will be in by then.  I was told if they are negative I will get a surgical biopsy, but the way they worked me over on Friday makes me pretty sure they got some good samples.  I hope I didn't freak out or offend anyone with the graphic photos in my last blog.  Flikr flagged me so I took them off.  For some reason this website won't let me upload from my own computer directly like I used to.  I keep getting error messages.  I did make it to church today and enjoyed the sermon.  Pastor Brown prayed for me directly.  He asked me if I wanted to be annointed with oil but I was still feeling a little freaked out and I wasn't ready for that.  Maybe next week or so.  I don't want to have people feel like they need to feel sorry for me.  I do appreciate the support and well wishes I have received however.  I have gotten some good advice but feel it is so early in the game that I can't use it right now.  I wish we could get the show on the road here! 

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  1. Love your new title picture and your daughter and kitty are very sweet. Hope you can get past all these challenges in your life.


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