Friday, January 28, 2011

Multiple biopsies

Today was biopsy day again at Albany Med.  The staff got me right in and I can't rave enough about the gentle, caring staff that took care of me today.  I was given an ultrasound first to locate the areas and the charge RN Barbara was at my side for the whole procedure.  Dr. Whitehead was so great.  She explained everything in detail.  I had several numbing shots and she took several biopsies from the main mass and then from the affected lymph node near my armpit.  Then she moved onto the right breast and took biopsies there.  They then placed 3 markers under the skin in the areas.  I now have titanium in me!  I have attached some pictures of the bandaged up area.  They aren't too pretty, but it is what I'm dealing with.  I am a little uncomfortable but not to much.
 biopsy 1
biopsy 2biopsy 3

Pictures have been removed due to possible objectional content.


  1. When I had a breast biopsy, they had me lie face-down on a table with the suspicious breast hanging through a hole in the table. I guess I have a good all-clear now, since my breast reduction a year ago, because they checked all the tissue they removed for cancer.

  2. Sending prayers and good thoughts your way.

  3. Oh Linda, please sue the pants off the doctor who told you this was nothing, i am so FURIOUS that he let this get so far. I mean it, you go to a lawyer and find one that will work pro bono.

  4. I see what you meant by the nipple getting drawn inside. Sending up more prayers for you.

  5. Linda you are in my thoughts and prayers ~and like someone else said please sue that Doctor who said it was nothing he is not fit to be called a Doctor ~ Ally x


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