Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year?

Yes, it is officially a new year.  I don't celebrate New Year's eve.  Always found it to be overrated.  Leave it to the drunks.  I tried to go to bed but found myself lying away as usual and then had an allergy attack.  While waiting for the sudafed to kick in I heard the fireworks going off 5 miles away in Saratoga.  My husband was snoring next to me.  I finally gave up and took one of his Ambien.  I need them more than he does!  
Tomorrow Rich and I are going to spend $40 and try something new.  We are going to go take a beginners Polo lesson.  Yes, polo as on a horse with a mallet and chasing a ball!  Lets hope we keep it to a walk the first night!  
On Monday I go Four Winds for my first day.  I have to have one full day and then I go three days a week for 1/2 day.  On my days off and in the mornings, I will have to finish up getting ready for school and go to the specialist in Albany for my breast.  The lump in it is very large and my breast is quite misshapen.  I can imagine I will have to have surgery.  I want to get it removed what ever it is.  It is large and uncomfortable.  Anyhow, back to Four Winds, I am going to get an evaluation and probably get new meds.  I am hoping they can come up with some diagnosis.  I seem to have some symptoms of bi-polar disorder and may have been not on the right type of meds all along.  
In Feb Rich and I have reservations to take a bus trip to Atlantic City.  We will be staying at The Tropicana!  I am not planning on spending much if any time in the actual casino.  I want to go out and walk on the boardwalk and go to the aquarium and do some sightseeing.  I want to go back to Washington D.C. this year too.  Rich and I should get some passports in case a good deal comes up to travel.  Well I am hoping for a happy and healthy new year and wish the same to all my family and friends.  


  1. Happy New Year to you. I don't really celebrate much either. We plan a really awesome meal and stay in and try to stay awake, drink champagne and eat chocolate. lol. We watch the ball drop twice. Once for the East and once for us! lol I guess Ambien works. I need some for when Hubster snores. If he goes to bed before me, I'm out of luck. I try to beat him and if I'm asleep it won't wake me up. The polo sounds interesting. Good luck with that. I would SOOOO fall off the horse. Hope you do have a year of fun travel. We are doing the Dave Ramsey thing and trying to save. o_0

  2. Happy New Year to you and I LOVE the Christmas tree photo!

  3. Good luck on you doc's visits. Trying Polo sounds interesting. I hope you will feel better when the time comes for your trips. Helen

  4. I don't celebrate New Years anymore either. Since I quit drinking there isn't much point, sad but true. I hope things work out for you with your medication & your breast issues. AC sounds like a cool trip!


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