Sunday, January 18, 2009

Man vs. Wild

The news has been filled with stories of Flight 1549 in NYC. Heros, miracles and geese. There has been a hue and cry to "KILL the geese"! Do people really think that "killing the geese" will stop the thousands of bird strikes that airplanes deal with every year? Which geese should be killed? Just the ones by the airport? What about the thousands out there ready to take their place? Shall we kill every goose in the nation? Maybe we should start on other birds when we are done with them.
When I hear about people on the warpath toward wildlife because they are simply being what they are.. wild animals.. it upsets me. Yes, it is a very upsetting thing when planes go down due to birds etc... Yes when little Bobby or Susy gets bit by a snake or mauled by a bear it is horrible.
Encounters with wildlife are only due to one thing and that is human interference! We are slowly and surely pushing these animals out of their natural habitats and into ours. Then we call them infestations or nuisances or menaces. I get a kick out of articles that describe woods as being "infested" with something, when they are simply living in their natural habitat. I think we humans are the infestation.
This link discusses bird strikes


  1. Very well said Linda. Of course anyone who knows me will already know how I feel about this. It is bad enough humans have taken control of the natural habitat of so many animals on land and in the sea now everyone is on the warpath to take control of the skies. It is ridiculous and very wrong.

  2. Wow ... I hadn't heard about this whole "kill the geese" movement. Give me a break!

  3. Linda, you can probably guess that I couldn't agree with you more. While there is nothing wrong with humane efforts to keep birds away from airports, anyone who calls for the wholesale killing of birds in order to protect flights is a fool. Nature just doesn't work that way!


  4. Our planes are flying in their fly zone. It's not the other way around. Killing the geese won't accomplish anything.

    Love your new layout.

  5. So well said Linda.
    May I post this on a board I frequent?


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