Thursday, January 29, 2009

Anybody have a stud dog?

(Want to thank everyone for the comments, I agree that letting her have puppies is not a responsible thing to do. I think we should get her fixed too.) Yuppers, our Esther is in heat. She is about 9 years old and Rich thought she couldn't come into heat anymore. But lately she has been... "ahem", paying more attention to her private areas and sure enough now she is leaving little notes all over. Now personally this is like hell for me because I cannot stand dogs licking themselves. Big dogs, even worse. It is all I can do not to scream when they begin lop, lop, lopping away! I have to yell at them or leave the room or I will go nuts. So needless to say, Esther is really making me a basket case right now! There is a male across the street who is part Sharpei, Chow and lab maybe. His name is Dex and he is a beautiful big boy. I asked his owner and she said she would talk to her hubby, but I haven't heard back. No, I am not breeding her to stop the licking by the way. I probably won't do it anyhow because we have enough to deal with without puppies too!
The snow storm was a bit of a dud. We only got about 7 inches of snow. We got a mix in the afternoon and the forecast said it wasn't going to do that, but it did. Have a nice day everyone!


  1. Good luck with the dog. If we got seven inches of snow, I'd call it a big snowstorm!

  2. she's too old to be having puppies, not good! then, even if all goes ok, you got the puppies to have to find good homes for.
    just get her spayed, then you'll not have that problem.
    i have all my dogs spayed when they are 6 mos old.
    their are too many unwanted animals in the world.
    please consider getting her spayed. {{}}

  3. well i have to agree with sugar. Get her spayed, why have her going into heat if she isnt a breeding dog? Especially being as old as she is.

  4. Have her spayed for sure, but they do make feminine doggie diapers for that. Neutered and spayed animals make such better pets though.

  5. Yes, I agree to have her spayed, I think I will try to talk Rich into it. Esther is his doggy.

  6. I'm glad you decided against breeding her. I think physically she's too old. I think it would be too stressful.

    The SPCA's have programs for low cost procedures.


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