Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's a miracle or is it?

I called the ex to see if I could still come up to get my things and he claims his g/f is now home from the hospital after her "stroke". He says she was helicoptered to another hospital but they sent her home in a cab today. Whaaaat? Nobody comes home in a cab one day after having a stroke. Oh and she is paralyzed and can't walk so HE is taking care of her. He was also drunk again when I called at 4 in the afternoon. Me thinks someone is telling stories...


  1. Doesn't sound right to me either. Helen

  2. Did they at least give her the cab fare for the ride home after the helicopter ride? I think someone may being have hallucinations.

  3. ya sounds like a story.. thankfuly you are away from some one like that... dont get sucked back in.

    Much Love~

  4. No one comes home from suffering a stroke, a few days in the hospital and then to rehab for out patient therapy

  5. Oh honey -

    It seems you and I end up with extremely similiar men. I am so glad he is your "ex" and not your "current".



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