Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Here we snow again!

More and more and more snow! We are expecting 8-14 in. of snow by tomorrow night. I am ready for spring but realize we still have at least 2 more months of winter like weather to go. I heard that Greta found a good home. The person who took her did not tell me personally, I had to hear about it on Craigslist but at least I found out. Not too much going on here. Still debating the bankruptcy thing but am going to start getting the paperwork together to take care of it if I need to.


  1. That whole Greta thing was a bit upsetting. What kind of moron adopts a dog -- particularly a rescue or one that has been from home to home -- without knowing what they are getting themselves into? My heart goes out to them with the wife's illness and all, but that just isn't a good situation for a rescue to be in, either.

  2. We're only supposed to get 1-3 inches here in the city - and then rain.

    I too may have to go the bankruptcy route. Unless one of the Lotto tickets in my wallet happens to be a winner...


  3. Wow, I hope you don't end up with as much snow as they forecast. That would make for a huge mess!

    I hope that Greta will be okay.


  4. The snow situation is the same here. Overnight about 8 inches came down and more coming today.I took a snow day from work and will stay in except for clearing away the snow. Glad Gretta found a good home. Hope all works out for you. 'OnYa'-ma


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