Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Dam beavers!

Beaver dam puts homes in danger

GREENFIELD - About a dozen families in Greenfield may have to evacuate their homes because of a beaver dam blocking a culvert.

The blockage caused a large pond to form, collecting hundreds of thousands of gallons of water spread over about 100 acres.

Greenfield Town Supervisor Dick Rowland says they can't break the beaver dam because that would be disastrous. So crews have been working night and day this week to pump the water out.

However, with rain in the forecast, they have to work even faster. They spent Wednesday poking holes in the dam to get the water moving.

"We just looked at the weather forecast and we just looked at it and said Friday it's going to start to rain, Saturday it's going to rain. We were just staying ahead of it at this point," Rowland said.

The culvert normally lets the water from Kayaderosseras Creek flow along Spier Falls Road.

Yes this article was from a local TV station website. This area is not too far from my house and uphill! I hope the damn dam doesn't break!


  1. Hope they get it figured out before the weekend :o)

  2. You and all around you will be in my prayers...who would have thought those beavers could do such quick work. 'On Ya'-ma

  3. Interesting story but not for the people involved I don't imagine. Never seen a beaver around here. Your music made me dance in my chair.

  4. Wow I hope this gets fixed and no one needs to move! Very interesting news, I never realized Beavers could do sometihng like that!!!

  5. beavers do what beavers do best,
    Good luck,prayers are up

  6. Hoping all is resolved soon and they find a new home for this dam building varment. Take care and enjoy your day,

  7. Gosh that is crazy! I knew they could build big dams but never expected that.

  8. From The Beaver Times: "Local beavers were dismayed to see a dozen human families set up house in what has traditionally been a beaver stronghold. A special committee has been formed to see what can be done to address this invasion."

    ;) Sorry, I couldn't resist!

    Hugs, Beth

  9. amazing, but the beavers have to live to we forced billions of creatures out of there homes to live our "lavish lives" not caring about them i would just say the beavers are fighting back. i hope no harm comes to them and you b safe.


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