Saturday, November 6, 2010

Been sick

These last couple of weeks have been rough.  I have been sick for the last 4 days with bowel problems, but I think I may be through the worst of it.  I started off with this weird rash on my side which probably had nothing to do with it.  My health insurance should be coming through pretty soon.  I really need to go to my Dr.  My mental state has been pretty sluggish still.  Tired a lot and not much enthusiasm.  My husband is not happy with that.  I spend too much time in bed.  He got all his upper teeth pulled on Wed.  He has been having some pain from that but has been taking Lortab for it.  He is as busy as usual.  I tried working at the barn Friday night and needed some help finishing up and couldn't do everything I needed to.  I think someone didn't do their share the night before.  It looked like that stalls and paddocks hadn't been cleaned in two days.  I didn't have the strength to clean it all.  It was a huge mud pit outside too.  I go again Monday morning and then Rich and I have a lesson early afternoon if we feel up to it.  
Sarah is going to a counselor  on Wed for the ADD and behavior problems.  We are going to get Karl signed up too because he has some serious behavior issues too.  First and foremost his video game addiction.  He throws a hissy fit if he has to do anything other than play his games.  If we ask him to turn it off he has a fit and then pouts and refuses to do chores.  He tries to bargain with us to get them back.  He has very strange mannerisms too such as jumping up and down when playing the games and when he gets excited he runs across the room hunched over and clenching his hands in front of his face.  It is almost like autistic behavior.  He has this weird tongue thrusting he does too when he plays games.  He also claims he doesn't realize he does these things and "can't help it".  He has an unnatural obsession with food and asks us repeatedly what is for lunch, dinner etc..  even after we have told him.  Sometimes he even asks what is for a meal a couple days in advance.  He gets very over excited and greedy about food and always runs to get to the food first sometimes falling down in the process.  I hope counseling can help him.  He drives me batty sometimes.  
Sarah does too with her whining and nasty attitude.  She hates it when she doesn't get her way.  
Well anyhow, I am glad Halloween is over and now we can look forward to Thanksgiving. 


  1. I hope you feel a lot better soon. I agree with you that the children need some counseling. No wonder you are depressed. Helen

  2. come on down to arkansas and we will tree some 'coon.

  3. It's quite likely that there's a circular thing going on here. Where the kids behavior feeds your depression and depression fuels physical problems and these things and the tension that results fuels the childrens' behavior. Certainly any break in that chain would be like a breath of fresh air for you and yours. May God wrap his arms around each of you to comfort, encourage and guide.

  4. My son used to react to video games in the same manner. I never saw anything like it before. He'd be jumping up and down, yelling at the game. UGH! As he's getting older however, that behavior is getting less. Many times we actually took the game systems and locked them up. LOL


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