Monday, November 22, 2010

Our pets

Our pets are all very special to us in so many ways.  The first cat is Brownie.  She was the second addition to our clan.  We adopted her from the Saratoga Co animal shelter.  She was the featured cat of the week.  She had a wonderful personality.  She is shy but loves to snuggle and bask in attention.  She is very trusting of me and will allow me to do just about anything to her. 
The second photo is of Buzzy at Christmas time. He is a Cairn Terrier. This was before he got the skin disease and lost most of his hair.  He is a strange dog.  He enjoys most dog things like eating and going outside.  He does however scratch and chew himself constantly.  I have tried different types of medication and am going to try another type soon.  Lets hope it works!  He is a very vocal dog, he will moan and make rawr sounds.  He "talks" to us.

The next photo is of our cat that we lost a few months ago to coyotes.  His name was Simba.  He was so beautiful.  He looked like a Maine coon.  My daughter loved that cat.

 Then we have Esther.  She is my husbands dog.  I do not care for her too much.  She is big, noisy and gross.  She is an affectionate dog however but I don't like being in the same room as her.  I have issues.. not her.

Next is the newest addition, Angel.  She is a part Oriental type breed.  She has blue eyes and caramel points as you can see.  She is very affectionate and playful.  Her nickname is OAK for Overly Affectionate Kitten!

Last but not least is our Tarzan.  He is an enormous cat who has a heart condition.  I'm surprised he has made it this long.  He is very friendly and almost dog like in personality.  He will just sit there and let you hug him.  He has several nick names.  Tardy, Tardbutt and Fatty.

We have too many pets obviously.  We are not going to get anymore right now, 5 is enough!  We love them however and they all have a very special place here.. well except for Esther.. LOL


  1. I enjoyed reading about your animals. We had one just like your oriental cat. His name was Colby (after the cheese b/c he looked kinda like cheese - lol)
    He was the Daddy of two of our current cats. And the Momma (his spouse) we still have. We have 4 cats and a poodle!

    Take care. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Beautiful animals indeed and bless you and your family for caring. Happy Thanksgiving.


  3. oh my i know exactly why your dog does this!!!!!!!!!! Cairn terriers hair must be stripped to remove hair or their skin is perpetually infected. You cant cut it or shear it, must be stripped. Here's a good article on that. My best friend had a little cairn terrier and her skin was a mess until they started stripping her fur. They used a tool similar to what is pictured here, they just bought it at a pet shop for something like 8 dollars. Your doggie is cute!
    You have adorable kitties too!

  4. oopsa forgot the link

  5. They are all gorgeous - even Esther, actually she is very pretty. Too bad you don't like her, maybe she'll grow on you :)


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