Saturday, November 20, 2010

My blog is boring

I have decided that my blog is just plain boring.  It seems all I do is whine and complain.  I don't have cute nicknames for people, or feed the homeless or grow awesome tomatoes.  I don't raise goats, horses, pigs or homestead.  I don't have any interesting political views or talk about what is new and exciting in the world.  I complain about my kids, my boob, being tired and having to money.  I was told by my hubby not to complain about him in my blog.  I am also not to discuss money problems.  We are all rich and happy.  No problems.  The weather is an ok subject I guess.  It was windy and cold today.  The birds have been very busy at the bird feeders except they keep hitting the window now.  I will have to put up stickers or something.  I mentioned that I cashed in my 401k on Facebook and the proverbial shit hit the fan.  Everyone was screaming about penalties and taxes etc..  Just for the record, the amount of money I had was paltry and they already took about 15% for the feds.  I don't know if that was the penalty or the tax.  We usually get wads of cash each year for the Earned Income Credit so I really am not worried about having to pay in. 
Oh and speaking of my boob, which is painful and still deformed and with a very large hard mass in it that my general surgeon says he doesn't know what it is (and probably doesn't care), I am getting my health insurance on Dec 1st.  I also have an appt that day in Albany with a breast specialist.  Maybe she can tell me what it is.  I have been still having the rashy itchy area on my side and have been generally feeling like a worn out dishrag. 
I am glad I have that 401k money.  I plan on paying off the house (good investment), paying up the bills and possibly taking the kids to Florida over Christmas vacation.  No we aren't going to Mouse World or any fancy schmancy place like that because it would eat over 1/2 of my money.  We are going to the beach and do some exploring.  I would like to go to St. Augustine and Jacksonville (zoo).  There are numerous state parks all up and down the northeast seashore.  Or we may go further and go to Tampa/Clearwater area.  I want to walk on white sand by palm trees!  I know the drive down will be hell with the demon children in the car but perhaps I can get my nerves unfrazzled on the beach!


  1. Well, I like your posts! Florida is the greatest state for beaches so there's nothing to complain about there either. Just have fun!


  2. You have writing talent - you really do. Because of what you write about, your blog is different than all the rest and I find that refreshing. Whine and complain all you want, but keep doing it in the style you do and you will keep having readers who aren't bored. Just had to add my two cents even though I am supposed to be on vacation from the computer.

  3. Well you have a lot more to say in yours. I couldn't find anything to write about except bad health so I have laid off making an entry for a while. Just be glad that you got some $$ to get caught up with. Getting your home paid for is a good investment. Enjoy your trip. You deserve it.

  4. mine is boring too, but whatcha gonna do? Lie about your life? I am NOT rich and happy, LOL
    Sorry about your boob...that would be stressful for sure. I hope the Dr. can figure out whats wrong and I hope its not serious.

    If you can pay off your house with your 401K then do it! We had to cash ours out last year, but it was not nearly enough to pay off a house, and we did get hit HARD at tax time to the tune of our usual 4 thousand dollar refund became...150 dollars. That was it. So I hope you guys have better luck than me!
    Good luck with the demon spawn in the car, I have my own demon kids and they made a trip to Target today extraordinarily annoying and blood pressure raising. I feel like I accomplished somehting by making it home without throwing them out the window on the way..

  5. So glad you are getting your insurance and getting looked at by a specialist! Praise God.

    Time away, with a relaxed schedule, doing simpler inexpensive things with the kids sounds like a real refresher. Me, Bug and Bubba went down to Galveston Island and hung out...just walking the beach, wading the waves, watching the people, bicycling and touring the island and we had a really memorable time together for not much $$.


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