Saturday, November 13, 2010

What a beautiful day!

The weather is beautiful today.  I am trying to think of a way I can go out and enjoy it later.  Maybe do some yard work.  Maybe go find a couple geocaches.  We are trying not to go to far with the old car because of the transmission.  We got a new used car.  Paid a lot less than its book value and Rich is happy.  The only drawback is that it needs the premium fuel.  That does not make me happy.  Gas is expensive enough!  It is a 1995 Buick Park Ave. 

This is not our car.. but it looks like this one.  Rich was up bright and early heading to the auto parts store.  He is going to give it a tune up and it needs some other minor work done.  I'm glad I married a mechanical type.  
I have been looking for work and thinking about going back to school.  I had originally planned to go to Hudson Valley CC for its radiological class but because I have to take so many core classes first I wouldn't start the actual program until Fall of 2012.  I don't think unemployment is going to keep me on the payroll that long!  I do need some more schooling however because I cannot go back to the nursing home work.  I could however do private duty work or home care but the pay for that is not that great.  There is one company I am going to look into if it comes down to it.  Rich wants me to not rush into things and see about school.  I am not sure if I am mentally or physically ready to work anyhow. 
I am still having depression problems and my breast is still giving me a great deal of problems.  Nothing ever came of the first round of tests.  The surgeon basically told me that he "doesn't know what is wrong with it".  I am scheduled to see a specialist in Albany Dec. 1st.  I am hoping my insurance will be here by then!  
I am still doing work at the barn 3 days a week.  On Friday I do two shifts of two hours each.  I am doing the evening feeding now too.  I am finding I am getting a little stronger but I get exhausted so easily.  I wonder if it is just plain laziness!  
I am expecting a disbursement of my 401K from my last job this month.  I know there will be penalties but we need the money now.  Pay some bills, get this new car on the road, have some money for Christmas and hopefully go take a road trip to go see my Mom and rest of family down south!  I will have to see if there are any bloggers I know on the way and stop and visit.  I would love to see Kelly and Carlene in GA.  With my luck they both live on opposite ends of the state!  I have a sister in Arkansas and I have had an informal invite to go coon hunting with an Arkansas blogger!  The route we will take will bring us all the way across NY to Buffalo,  I can stop and see Donna D there!  Then south thru Penn and Ohio to Kentucky.  I want to visit Lexington but I know the kids will complain and moan the whole time so I will save that until the spring perhaps and go away with the hubby!  So we will probably go down the middle of Kentucky, drop down into Tennesseepass through the Nashville area, another place I would like to visit!  West into Arkansas and then south to Bossier City, Louisiana to my sisters!  Perhaps on the way back up we can go east up through GA and Washington D.C. and head north to home.  I will have to see how my sister went.  I think we will go around D.C. and maybe come up a little further west and up through PA.  I have an Aunt in GA too but I will have to contact her somehow and see where she lives.  It is a pretty big trip and not a lot of time to dilly-dally along the way.  The kids have 12 days off of school.  We can take 2 or 3 to go down, visit for about 5 days and then head north.  We will want a day of rest at home before they go back to school.  It will be a fairly expensive trip factoring in hotels etc.. I plan on packing a cooler so we can stock up on snacks and we can pack lunch and breakfast foods.  Try to eat out as little as possible and show up at people's houses at dinner time... LOL  Knowing my step-son the highlight of the trip will be eating his way through several states.  This kid is constantly hungry.  I think he thinks he is hungry when he really just ate.  He can sit down and eat a full size meal every 3 hours and snack in between.  It is rare to see him NOT eating!  Maybe we should just get him a feed bag.  :)  Well, I've been blathering on long enough.  If you want a visit from the Adirondack country gal and you live on our intended route give me a shout and we can see if we can come for a visit! 

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  1. My SUV is really expensive on gas too. I only get 15.7 mpg and it takes premium too. I've tried cheaper fuel but it doesn't as smooth when I do. I saw a new car today being advertised at 40mpg. Oh well. I love my SUV even if it is a gas hog! LOL


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