Monday, September 20, 2010

My old teacher

I am going to meet my old 4th grade teacher tonight.  I haven't seen him since 1978, he was my teacher in 1976.  Sarah has him now for math in the middle school.  I did a blog on his father back a while ago and I wanted to re-post it.  Google this man sometime if you have a chance and want to learn some fascinating history!
Here is another article about him that is interesting!  I had the pleasure of caring for Mr. Dart at the nursing home that I worked at.  As far as I know he is still alive and doing pretty good.  God Bless him and for raising such a wonderful son who was my teacher as well as my daughters.  I did make a mistake in my old blog post, it was not the Medal of Honor it was the Congressional Gold Medal.


  1. I've had some of my teachers also teach my daughter. I have so much respect for all teachers.

    Have a good week.

  2. I think she looks well; I'm a bloke (albeit an old one) so I suppose I would. But I've got granddaughters who dress like that and they're decent kids. When I think of the mini skirts my contemporaries wore in the sixties, today's youngsters are no worse than we were. It's all fashion and will eventually swing back.
    Regards Mike (in England).

  3. Sorry, I think I've managed to post my comment on the wong edition of your blog. Meant to put it the one of the teenager in the short frock.
    Senior moment I think.
    Regards, Mike.


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