Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fonda fair

Today we are going to the Fonda Fair.  It is actually the Montgomery County fair but it is known as the Fonda fair.  Charlie Daniels is playing tonight.  I think I mentioned that in my last post.  Unfortunately we won't be seeing him.  The kids will get to go on some rides and I'll do a little sightseeing.  Then I get to booth sit for 4 hours for the horse rescue.  The weather is much cooler today and sunny.  We had a period of cloudiness yesterday due to Hurricane Earl but just a sprinkle of rain.  We really could use some rain right now however.  
I read in the paper yesterday that apple season has started early.  I very rarely go apple picking.  The price of the apples at the store are much cheaper and come from the same farms.  I realize that apple picking is an "event" and something to enjoy but I am such a cheapskate that all I can see is money flying away.  I will drive by the orchard and enjoy looking at the apples instead.  I hope to have some pictures to post later today from the fair!

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