Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Triplets and blue jays

I went outside this morning and took pictures of a zucchini stem with 3 flowers on it!  I have never seen anything like this before.  Unfortunately it was a male, so no triple zucchinis from it!

I heard a lot of blue jay screaming outside shortly after and went out to discover my cat had a baby blue jay.  I would try to get it away and he kept going under the house with it.  My husband finally got it away and the poor thing is still alive.  
 I really have my doubts that it will survive.  I have it in a shoebox right now and it has just been laying quietly first panting and now breathing with its mouth closed.  I would be very surprised if it actually survived this encounter.  It is almost fledged out.  It has full feathers on its wings and was probably just starting out and fell on the ground where the cat got it.  I hate to see that happen but its hard to keep the cats in all the time.
I am going to the surgeon today and will post what he says later..


  1. Poor little Bird Nature can be very cruel at times ~ But that is nature I do hope it will survive ~ Beasutiful picture of the flower ~ Ally x

  2. That should read "Beautiful Picture of the Flower" ~ :O) Ally x

  3. it won't live long without it's mama

  4. If it's a fledgling, it won't need it's mama but it all depends how bad the cat hurt it. Myybe it'll get lucky! Try and keep it warm and try water with an eye-dropper.

    I've never seen a triple zucchini flower either. The again, I only learned how to spell it correctly recently.

    Good luck at the Doctor's office!


  5. First time for me, that flower. The little bird could survive if it gets over the shock. However, birds that are bitten by cats often succumb to infection. Let us hope it makes it.


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