Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New drugs and Trailer park drama

Wow that title sounds so exciting, where should I start.  I guess with the trailer park drama.  The people who live across from us, its a woman and her "boyfriend" I guess.  Anyhow he gets bursts of violent outrages and last week I heard loud banging and she was screaming like he was killing her.  Now some of my longer readers will know how I feel about being exposed to that type of behavior as I lived with it for 12 years.  I did what most people would do and called 911.  It took about 10 minutes for the police to come, mind you I wasn't the only one that called according to the dispatcher.  So while they were on the way I went outside to be nosy.  I was sitting on my patio where no one could see me.  The boyfriend goes outside and bangs on their car and then grabs a ladder and climbs up a tree!  He stays up there while the police come.  In the meantime the girlfriend had come out and was putting things in her car when they came.  She must of told them that everything was fine because they left.  The boyfriend comes out of the tree and starts talking and singing about "scumbags".  End of part 1.
Now the day before yesterday my husband goes outside for a smoke and the boyfriend comes out of this trailer and directly called my husband "scumbag" and "cop caller".  He offered my husband to go over so he could get his "ass kicked".  My husband is a real man and told the little meathead to take a hike.  So the same night the banging and screaming start again.  I look out and the boyfriend comes out of  house and has a cellphone, he looks at it, runs back in and starts confronting his g/f about calling 911.  He throws the phone and starts kicking furniture and hollering.  She is screaming "Call the cops, call the cops". She said "get out of my house, this time I'm pressing charges".  So we called 911 again.  The b/f takes off again and her family shows up to comfort her right about the time the police show up.  Anyhow I don't know if they found him or what.  I haven't seen him and hope I don't.  
My anxiety has been bad the last week and I had another attack where I was trembling and it got so bad I was stuttering.  I went to the Dr. while I was having it, my appt happened to be then.  She diagnosed me with psychotic  anxiety of something like that.  Then she gave me a drug which she said should help me sleep and is a mood stabilizer.  Its called Zyprexa.  It has all sorts of lovely side effects such as massive weight gain etc.  I took it once and it turned me into a zombie.  I lost some control over my limbs and was walking funny and "tweaking".  I feel better now but I'm afraid to take it again. 


  1. I ope that dirt bag gets his ass kicked

  2. jeez linda, dont take that!!! call the dr and tell her you cant handle the side effects. Take something MILD.


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