Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Year coming

Hard to believe tomorrow is New Year's Eve. This year, as usual I am not celebrating too late because I have to work on New Year's Day. I don't mind except I am being assigned to a unit to do patient care. Depends on the unit also and how much staff there is. I hope people don't call in because they are "sick". I get paid double tomorrow. Sounds great, but the person who has that day off normally has gotten paid for it too, 3 times in the last few weeks too! So they get paid to take a day off and get the same amount I do to work. I hate that!
We went out shopping today at the Salvation Army store and I got 3 pair of Levi's to post on e-bay. Haven't gotten around to it yet, probably will soon however. Levi's seem to sell well. I got two jeans for myself and one doesn't fit of course. I really need to go on a "healthy eating plan" fast! I won't call it Diet! No more white for me, white bread, flour, sugar, pasta etc... Lots of veggies, yogurt, fruit, whole grains etc...

We are expecting some weather to come in for tomorrow.. Cold too. Hope it is nice in other parts of the country! Enjoy your New Year's eve everyone!


  1. A very Happy New Year to you ! I am always sadly lacking on the vegatble part of that chart... need more of those here in my diet.

  2. I am cutting out the white stuff also. I hope you have a happy and healthy New Year.

  3. I also think the word DIET has negative vibes. You do have to call it healthy eating. I also work in health care. (OR) I had a patient who had foot surgery, she did not walk on the treadmill (30 min a day) for one month and she gained 10 pounds.....that is amazing. Guess I will dust of the treadmill and try for 15 for starters. At our place if you call off the day before, during or day after a holiday you forfit your holiday pay.


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