Sunday, December 7, 2008

My farm, my Mom, my Daughter

Look at this little girl. How pretty and grown up looking she is getting to be! Hard to believe she is 9 already. She is posing after her concert last week. Now she is still little enough to sit on Santa's lap. That picture was taken at the Circle of Life camp Christmas party. It is for children with diabetes and their families. They gave a gift to each child and has veggies and dip. Then pizza and cookies. Also some medical companies were there giving out things like T-shirts, backpacks, free meters! I love free stuff!
I have started playing Myfarm on facebook. What a fun little application that is. Growing veggies and raising animals. My farm is pretty pathetic right now, but hopefully I'll get there.
I talked to my Mom the other day and was upset because her diabetes Dr. seems to think her heart is going and she may have blockages etc.. She is having problems with her legs and with weakness. She has been having seizures also. I am so worried about her and wish I could go down and be with her...


  1. Sarah is really growing. She looks so cute in both pictures. I hope your Mom will soon get better and be ok. Hugs, Helen

  2. I hope your Mum improves and gets the medical help she needs. Your daughter is beautiful.

  3. Looks like the concert and party was a success :o)

  4. I hope your Mom will be okay. Please keep us posted.

  5. Your daughter and your mom are both treasures for sure. I'll have 2 - 9year old grandbabes come January 09 . It's hard when family is not close by. I have many long distance ones in mine. Take care ! 'On Ya'-ma

  6. Sarah is an absolute doll! So glad ya'll got out and had some fun. And also that you have a group to help you and her deal with her diabetes. Will be praying for your mama.

  7. I've sure enjoyed talking to your Mom by e-mail. Hope they can get her health to a more stable level. Your daughter is quite the young lady now. Oh and I see you are a Word Whomp fan too. I love that game but have been sidetracted by Scrabble lately.

  8. Aww your daughter is so cute!
    I hope your mom is ok, tell her to think positively!

  9. Your daughter is so cute. Her dress is lovely.

    Have a good week.

  10. What a beautiful daughter you have! My best wishes to your Mum, I too have diabetes, and it's just so important to keep a regular check of things. I am sure she will get the help she needs. Let's hope she is feeling good enough to enjoy this very special time of year!

  11. What an adorable & pretty young lady Sarah is. My grand daughter's name is Sarah she just turned 4.

    I'v not heard of the Circle Of Light Camp, but I liked what I read and think it's amazing :).

    I too am a diabetic type 2 and I seem to struggle so much of the time. I can't imagine what having diabetes is like at their tender young ages.

    I'm like you I Love freebies lol.

    What is a My Farm on facebook? I'v heard others speak about facebook. Is it like MySpace?

    I am sorry to hear the news about your Mom. I am praying that the Dr's can go in and clear out the blockages safely and make her well again. Is she on seizure meds or has she just started having them? I will keep you both in my prayers.

    Big {{{HUG}}} to both of you. I know this has to be hard on you as well.

    Keep us up-dated on your mom.


  12. Sarah is so cute, she looks so grown up in her dress. I hope your mom makes out okay, I know how worried you must be.

    I haven't seen you on Facebook - I'll try to find you or if you see me send me a note.


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