Thursday, December 18, 2008

Another snow storm

Yep, in for some more snow tomorrow. I hope I don't get stuck at work. One of our seniors invited me to spend the night in his bed if I do. He said we don't sleep side to side but top to bottom! I asked him if that means he sleeps under the bed.. LOL! Then he said his bed is like the Mayflower, once you are on board you can't get off and have to go across. Here are pictures of Brownie feeling right at home. Also me and Buzzy!


  1. I'll bet the snow that's heading your way is the rain we just had in California. I hope you don't get stuck at work. BTW: I can't believe a "senior" would make a comment like that about sharing a bed. In this day and age, something like that could get him into a lot of hot water.

  2. I am so glad that you got Browniw inside before the snowstorm. Those are great pictures. I hope that you don't get stuck at work. Some seniors try to be funny but really don't know what is funny. Helen

  3. Having been around Veterans Hospitals, Nursing Homes and asssited Living centers, THANK YOU for all you do the Seniors!! I know that women can be just as bad as men, when we go visiting the Veterans I usualy get a pat or 2 and maybe a hug that lasts too long but "God Love em" we jsut have to realise that someday it might be us in there!!!!

    Right now we are getting pounded with snow, white outs, schools closed and having a typical Northern New York day!!!


  4. Sounds like he is a fiesty it gives him hope. I am glad you can keep a sense of humour..
    Stay warm, hope you enjoy the Holiday ahead...
    hugs, Cassie


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