Saturday, November 19, 2016

Still being ignored.

Day three and still being ignored.  I sent a happy text about the weather, expecting no response and haven't had one.  I will not text again until Monday and invite him to a movie for Tuesday.  If I do not hear back, I will move on.  I know it is over but I still have that tiny thread of hope.  I feel like the dog still waiting for that bone, or a crumb to fall from his plate.  
Bill U messaged me today trying to get me to go over to his motel room and have sex with him.  Really????  No.  He is not only very unattractive to me, he is literally mentally ill and is homeless.  I do not want to get involved with him.  He is probably hoping I'll let him move in with me.  Like hell!  I don't need that in my life.
I am not without compassion for his situation, but he is a life long moocher and is mentally unstable.  He just got out of the hospital for stabbing himself after this girl broke up with him and made him leave.  The one that he was going to spend the rest of his life with, the love of his life he had only known two days.  No thanks....
I was involved with Bill around 12 years ago, just a fling after I had left Dave temporarily.  Bill was good in bed, but crazier than a bedbug.  That didn't last long!
I know I should go somewhere and take a walk to clear my mind, but I don't want to leave the house.  It looks so nice out, but my depression is weighing down on me.  It is going to snow tomorrow.
I've been reading Drums of Autumn, the 4th book I think in the Outlander series.  

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