Friday, January 11, 2013

The old school desk

A posting from a Facebook friend brought back a memory to me of my elementary school days.  I'm not sure what grade it was but next to the window was an antique school desk.  It looked something like this but to me seemed much bigger.  I think it was on a platform for some reason.
Every day a different student was chosen to sit at the desk.  They were the student of the day and I imagine it came with other privileges like being line leader etc.. I remember the excitement I felt about being chosen to sit at the desk and how special I felt all day long.  It is funny how easy it was to please young children back then!  A simple desk could make a child feel like king or queen for the day! 

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  1. Interesting memory. I remember little things that made me feel so good. If only our lives could remain so simple ~ huh?


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