Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Green Gloves

I found a pair of green gloves today in the public library parking lot.  They looked as if they had been dropped by someone getting into their car.  My first thought was to take those green gloves for myself.  My inner voice said.. that would be stealing.  I went and picked up the gloves.  They were nice, had long cuffs and fit me.  They were a little thin but I liked the color.  I carried them in thinking to turn them in to the library for the lost and found.  I was warring with myself.. keep the gloves, turn them in.  I put them in my pocket and looked for some books.  On the way out the door I reached into my pocket feeling the gloves once again.  That pesky angel on one shoulder says "If you keep those gloves, you are stealing them!  Do you really need them?"  The bad "devil" side says "Oh do you really think someone is going to come back looking for those gloves"?   Finally I stopped, draped them on the rail and left them.  I reasoned to myself that even if the owner does not return, there may be someone else that really needs those gloves more than I do.  



  1. Good for you Linda. Your conscious will never lead you wrong.

  2. You listened to your conscious, most people shout over it so they can tune it out. Well done.


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