Friday, January 18, 2013

Health insurance crisis

I am being forced off my family health plus program and onto full Medicare by Social Services.  They gave me two weeks and then it ends!  The lady I talked to on the phone said I had until the end of March!  This is ridiculous!  So I sent in the application to Medicare but I don't know what to do from here.  I applied for the Extra Help program.  I hope I qualify for that.  I'm really stressed over this and the prospect of co-pays I won't be able to afford.  Making a little over $1500 a month for me and my daughter isn't exactly rolling in the dough.  I realize it is probably more than someone making minimum wage would make.  I am hoping I can start the ticket to work program.  I am worried about my back and mental health however.  Now with the medical insurance being up in the air.. how will I be able to go back to work if I can't afford to go to the Dr?  
I'm hearing about other folks getting a lot of new money taken from their paychecks lately too.  I thought that when President Obama was elected he was supposed to be helping us, not hurting us!  The rich people won't feel any pain if they loose a few extra bucks, but the rest of us sure do!
Rich is pretty much fully moved over into his house.  He is still planning on taking the wood stove, a part of me wants to keep it just to keep it, but it is more trouble than its worth.  
I have worked out a budget for this month.  It does not include the premium for Medicare yet.  I am hoping I will qualify for the help with social services.  It is so nerve racking.  Seems they want you to only be able to afford rent, electricity and a little food.  Nothing else allowed for poor folk.  Gotta say life really sucks sometimes.  

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