Wednesday, June 6, 2012


This month I took a plunge and leased a horse.  It is an inexpensive lease and I can only ride once a week, but for now it is ok.  She is a nice horse and very calm.  Her name is Honey and she is part Belgian.  She is a bit lazy however and likes to get away with it.  I have been having problems mounting lately too and have now fallen twice off the mounting block to my great embarrassment.  The first time I didn't get enough leverage and came back down and my foot missed the block and I fell.  The second time I rode I got on just fine, the third time my stirrup was too long and I once again didn't get high enough and fell off the block again.  I think my confidence is a little shaken now.  I need to practice mounting.  My husband rode with me last time and is a little nervous because of that wretched horse Stanley we leased before.  The lady who owns Honey told me to carry a riding crop with me.  Not to actually use it but just to give Honey a little incentive not to be lazy.  I feel kind of bad because after leasing Stanley that horse actually dreaded us showing up because we were riding him and making him work.  I worry that Honey will start to dislike me too.  I am not cruel to her in anyway.  I want her to like me but I don't want her to walk all over me either. 


  1. I hope you and Honey form a bond, and that you will work out well as partners.

  2. Horses do not mind encouragement, a little pat with a quirt to "Giddy-up" never hurt, nor did a sugar cube now and then.


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